6 cocktails to try this summer
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6 cocktails to try this summer

09 August 2018

When the summer weather's hot and sticky, there's no drink that's more refreshing and relaxing than a long, chilled cocktail. But, cocktails are not just for drinking while on holiday or on a night out around the town, as they are surprisingly easy to make at home - and heaps more affordable. Your warm summer nights sitting in the garden or out on the patio or balcony will be massively enhanced if you spend time shaking up a jug or two of cocktails to sip while watching the sunset.

Easy summer cocktails to make at home

You don't need to find any excuses for relaxing with cocktails in summer, they're the perfect warm weather beverage. You'll find a range of cocktail shakers and accessories online at Debenhams, and many of the simple cocktail recipes only take a couple of minutes to make. You can save even more money on your cocktail makers and accessories when you download Debenhams discount voucher codes from vouchercloud.

Some easy cocktails to try this summer include:

1. Negroni

Negroni is one of the most popular cocktails for summer 2018 and really easy to make. You just need to add 1oz of gin, 1oz Campari and 1oz of Rosso vermouth and some ice to your cocktail shaker, give the mix a quick shake, then strain the drink mix into an ice filled glass. Sit back and enjoy!

2. Mint and raspberry julep

Herb infused cocktails are another popular summer drink, and you need to go a long way to beat mint julep. This summer recipe uses fresh raspberries for a seasonal lift. You need caster sugar, eight fresh mint leaves, one handful of fresh raspberries and 50ml of bourbon. You just need to make an easy syrup by heating the caster sugar in water, then add one teaspoon of the syrup to each glass. Add some raspberries and mint to the syrup and leave to mix for ten minutes or so. Then take out the mint and strain the mixture into a clean glass. Pour over the bourbon, add some ice and garnish your refreshing julep with another mint leaf.

3. Gin and tonic

G&T is a cocktail classic, add some fresh mango and strawberries to your drink to make it even more summery and refreshing.

4. Cucumber spritz

Cool cucumber spritz is another superbly refreshing cocktail to try. Just mix 1oz vodka, 1oz dry vermouth, 70ml tonic water and 70ml sparkling water in a long glass. Use a peeler to create ribbons of cucumber and add them to the drink, along with plenty of ice.

5. Champagne cocktail

Nothing beats champagne when it comes to summer fun and champagne cocktails with strawberries can be very decadent and totally enjoyable. Take six champagne flutes and add 1 strawberry, 1 tsp of brandy and a drop of angostura bitters to each, leave the mix to stand for at least 30 minutes to achieve the best flavour. Finally, top up each flute with chilled champagne and enjoy the taste of summer 2018.

6. Aperol Spritz

This is another one of the popular cocktails for 2018, you just need to mix three parts of prosecco with two parts of Aperol liqueur, add one part soda water and a slice of orange and enjoy your Italian cocktail any place, any time.

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