Are robots the future for pizza delivery?
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Are robots the future for pizza delivery?

09 August 2018

Domino's Pizza have been trialling out robot pizza deliveries in Europe since 2017, and it does seem robots are the way ahead for pizza and takeaway delivery. Just Eat are already using robots for takeaway deliveries in Milton Keynes and London, and these robots are produced by Starship Technologies, the same company behind the Domino's Pizza delivery robots. The robots are bright white in colour and can travel up to four miles per hour.

Will delivery robots take over takeaway deliveries?

Domino's Pizza have set up a separate arm of their business to investigate the uses of delivery robots across their entire network, but they don't seem to be planning to go as far into robot technology as Zume Pizza, based in Silicon Valley in Los Angeles. Zume Pizza utilises robots to make their pizzas with very little human assistance and has cut the order to delivery time for customers to around five to 20 minutes. The only human intervention required for making pizzas at Zume is adding the toppings, as robots don't have the ability to judge the required amounts at this moment in time. Where deliveries are some distance from their pizzeria operations, part-made pizzas are despatched in vans containing robotic ovens which will bake the pizzas for the required length of time, so customers receive piping hot, well-cooked pizzas straight to their door.

The delivery robots Domino's Pizza are using in Europe make deliveries within a one-mile radius of pizza shops and travel along the pavements. They are being tested in Germany and the Netherlands. If the European feedback is as positive as comments made on the internet in the UK, it's highly likely these robots will become a common feature in cities and towns throughout the UK. Just Eat customers seem delighted with their pizza delivery robotic service, many of them posting videos on YouTube to demonstrate how the service works.

Domino's is also trialling out drone delivery services in Australia and New Zealand and feels that drones and robots will definitely be the future for pizza delivery. The enormous expansion and growth of outlets like Domino's highlights the fact that there simply won't be enough delivery drivers to cope with customer orders. Drones and robots will complement the existing workforce to ensure pizzas delivered are as hot and fresh as possible.

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