Argos uses AR to display virtual Lego models
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Argos uses AR to display virtual Lego models

08 August 2018

Want to see Lego models do the impossible in stunning AR (augmented reality)? Well, that's exactly what's on offer over at Argos when you use their App to search for your favourite Lego toys. The advantage of AR is that it gives buyers the chance to see Lego figures, vehicles and more, engaged in plenty of action in an engaging AR environment. This feature is currently available for just a few Lego items, with more being added to the AR options as time goes on. This is a fresh new feature from Argos, who are committed to giving their customers the information they need to make the right purchase.

Enhance sizing accuracy

The idea of showcasing Lego models in AR came about as a result of consumers wanting to get a better idea of the size of the Lego models prior to purchase. With the models in pieces inside the pack, it's often hard to gauge exactly how large the finished structure will be, as well as the level of detail which Lego builders can expect once the model has been assembled. The AR feature for Lego models is currently only available to customers who are browsing using their phone or tablet.

Purchase Lego models from Argos using vouchercloud

Lego models are a popular choice for children and adults alike - with Argos's new AR feature to showcase the Lego range, there's never been a better time to take advantage of vouchercloud discount vouchers to stock up on your favourites. The perfect choice for a birthday or Christmas present, Lego isn't just entertaining, it's also a great educational toy. If you want to give children a gift that also stimulates their imagination and improves their motor skills, a Lego construction kit could be just what's needed.

Enjoy Lego models in amazing AR now

Using the promotional offers and money-off vouchers from vouchercloud, it's possible to get your Argos Lego for far less than you might think. The AR feature enables you to order online now, confident that the product you receive is going to be exactly what you want. If you want an accurate representation of the most popular Lego models, the Argos AR feature is one of the best ways to get it. Why not take a look at your favourite Lego models in AR right away, then decide which ones are going to be next in your basket?

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