What to look for when buying a TV this year - here’s our 4 step guide
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What to look for when buying a TV this year - here’s our 4 step guide

22 November 2019

With the 2010s coming to a close, we’ve seen some amazing leaps in television technology, be it the birth of the smart TV, the standout quality of LED displays or the amount of things you can now do and watch on a single screen. Streaming services are producing more top-tier shows with every passing year, whilst 4K movies are bringing the cinematic experience closer to home than ever before. With all this in mind, and the holiday season promising several huddled months indoors, we thought we’d jump in and lend a helping hand in giving you the lowdown on what to look for when buying a TV. So when the holiday season hits you’ll know you’re getting top value for your money.

OLED TV means quality


There’s no denying that LED has done wonders for picture precision over the years (to think in 25 years, we’ve gone from an impressive 1 million pixels to a mind-blowing 8 million!), but now there’s a new kid on the block. When you look at the words LED and OLED next to each other, we wouldn’t blame you for thinking that there isn’t much to gawk at, but trust us that O counts for a lot. The O adds ‘organic’ to the equation, meaning each individual pixel lights up and dims completely independently, which – when compared to the backlights LEDs use to illuminate their screens – makes for a much sharper, dynamic and precise display.

It’s all a matter of money. Simply put, OLED is unmatched when it comes to visuals, but it comes with a heftier price tag. If you’re a TV binger or a real cinephile, then you’ll definitely be making back the monetary difference with every hour of crisp, clear television you watch. Oh and by the way, if you’re wondering what a QLED TV is, it’s Samsung’s answer to the OLED craze. Offering ‘quantum’ lighting in place of ‘organic’, these TVs are closer to high-end LEDs than OLEDs from competing brands. Therefore, they make a nice compromise between price and quality, but they don’t beat OLEDs if you’re looking for the best picture possible. 

Why you should buy a smart TV


If you’re looking to upgrade your TV set, odds are you already own a smart device like a smartphone or tablet, or you’re subscribed to your preferred streaming service. If this is you (be honest now), then you wouldn’t be wrong for eyeing up a smart TV for your home setup. 

With a simple WiFi connection, you can watch content saved on your other smart devices on the big screen, making it a no-brainer for frequent phone users. Built-in apps like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu meanwhile allow you to seamlessly stream TV shows without as much as a wire. Samsung smart TVs are a clear favourite in this field, with Bixby voice control, universal TV guides and Premium One Remotes allowing you to watch, pick and switch without ever sitting up. Just remember to take a close look at the latest smart TV sales for the best TV deals.

Make sure you’re choosing the right size TV


As a standard rule, if you’re looking for a better quality television then you should start at a 40 inch TV or bigger, which – with prices falling each year – can be rather affordable, especially when shopping Black Friday TV deals. However, you don’t want a size that’s impractical for your house or flat, so be sure to shop a size that’s proportionate to your living space that won’t be crowded, especially if you’re mounting it on TV brackets. After all, you can grab a 32 inch smart TV from the likes of Argos for only a few hundred nowadays, so if your bank balance is coming up short, you can still have a prime viewing experience.


The best smart TV brands out there


If you visit any friend or family member who loves their smart TV, you’ll notice a common trend. Odds are that, if they know their stuff, they own either a Panasonic, Sony, LG or Samsung TV – with one simple reason, they’re simply the best. Panasonic provide a lower-priced option for smaller budgets, whilst LG arguably produces the strongest OLED TVs on the market. A Sony TV meanwhile offers a perfect balance of value, sleekness and – most importantly – audio quality, making it an ideal pick if you’re not factoring adding a soundbar or surround sound system into your purchase. Still standing as King of the pack is Samsung, for the best value per pound on their television sets, be that the 4K LED or even the signature QLED range.

So there is our breakdown of the biggest factors you should consider when shopping the latest TV deals, we hope it helps! Be sure to always check in on vouchercloud before you buy to cut the cost of your electricals, and whether you go for an Amazon, Argos or Currys smart TV, you’ll get more bang for your buck.

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