Which vegan meat substitutes are the real deal this Veganuary?
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Which vegan meat substitutes are the real deal this Veganuary?

29 January 2019

This January, more than 168,000 UK vegetarians and meat-eaters will be switching to a vegan diet. Are you tempted to take the plunge?


Thanks to the uprise in vegan alternatives in British supermarkets, going green is easier than ever - but which vegan meat substitutes are the real deal? Seek out our top picks below and try a guilt-free meal this month.


1. Rice Protein & Quinoa Stir Fry Strips

Delicious when fried on high heat with a little oil, tossed with fresh shredded vegetables, grated root ginger, noodles, sesame oil and soy sauce. Cook straight from frozen for a super quick and easy dinner.


2. Vegan Caramelised Onion Shroomdogs

Pair with sweet potato mash and steamed green veggies for a healthy, hearty midweek meal. These vegan sausages also work great as hot dogs - place in a bap, top with fried onions and your favourite condiments.


3. Shredded Hoisin Duck

Tasty and nutritious. Fry your vegan shredded duck from frozen in a pan with oil and garlic, then add hoisin sauce, honey and soy. Serve with sesame noodles, shredded spring onion and chilli.


4. Vegan Fajita Strips

The spicier, the better. Again, fry with oil, salt, smoked paprika, garlic and fresh coriander then add chopped mixed peppers and cook to taste. Roll up in flatbread wraps and serve with salsa and guacamole.


5. Vegan Quarter Pounders

Perfect for a lazy Saturday. Be sure to cook your vegan burgers in the oven - it’s much healthier than frying. While hot, top with vegan cheese, then serve in a toasted brioche bun with fresh lettuce and ketchup.


6. Vegan Roast Beef with Red Wine

Nothing compares to a Sunday roast dinner. This vegan beef alternative compliments all roasted vegetables, including those all-important crispy potatoes. Swamp with gravy for the most delectable dinner.


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