The best Dominos pizza challenges on YouTube
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The best Dominos pizza challenges on YouTube

09 August 2018

For a weekly treat or special occasion, few meals hit the spot like our favourite takeaway, and perhaps for its combination of choice and convenience, pizza is the top dog in the takeaway world. Whether you pay in cash or use discount codes and voucher codes from us to order online, if you want maximum tastiness with minimum effort, a pizza can hit the spot.

It is a hallmark of the digital era that if we like eating something, we are quick to take a photo or a video. There has also been the emergence of 'challenge eating' fuelled by TV programmes such as Man vs Food, and these two trends have seen a large amount of user generated content which is focused on food challenges.

Are you ready for Dominos challenges?

One of the most popular takeaways which is chosen for a homemade eating challenge is Dominos, and there are already several examples of YouTube channels which have filmed their attempts at various types of Dominos dares. Let's look at some notable efforts:

Whole menu in 10 minutes challenge

This group of friends order the whole Dominos menu and lay it out in the kitchen. Whether they actually attempt to finish all the food is debatable, but they do manage some impressive 'eight slice pizza bites', and there is the hilarious moment when one of the subjects falls down and bangs his head on a mirror - random!

Whole medium pizza in 1 minute challenge

This competitive eater manages to wolf down a whole medium pizza in under one minute - we can only think that it must have been a thin crust! They use a clever 'two in one' technique with the slices which certainly saves time.

Five large pizzas

Beard Meets Food tries to get through four large pizzas in one sitting. It seems he manages it, although there has been some doubt as to whether parts of the eating have been edited out - you decide for yourself!

Extreme Dominos challenge

The extreme Dominos challenge sees two friends try to see who can finish their pizza first; simple but effective. These do not appear to be competitive eaters, but the sheer intrigue of watching them try to outdo each other over a pizza seems to appeal to YouTube users, as evidenced by the six figure number of views.

These are just a few of the most notable Dominos challenges on YouTube. Do you want to try one? Why not take a look at the menu?

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