Top tips on how to plan a wedding on a budget
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Top tips on how to plan a wedding on a budget

20 May 2018

We all know weddings are expensive, but sometimes we just don't have lots of cash to splash - and that's OK! Planning your wedding on a budget doesn't mean it can't be as amazing as you have dreamed. With our top tips, you can plan your wedding on a budget but still have a wonderful day. If you're wondering how to save money on a wedding, then keep reading:

1. Decide on your budget

Wedding Budget

First things first, actually write down your budget. This is often the first task that's overlooked as we try to "guess" how much everything will roughly cost in our heads. Instead, use a budget planner and add absolutely everything into it – yes, including those bags of wedding confetti and fairy lights. Everything adds up and it will be far easier to control your budget if you can see exactly what you are spending.

2. Something borrowed...

Something Borrowed

You will need something borrowed for your wedding day anyway, so why not take it one step further and borrow from friends or family who have already had a wedding? If you loved the tiara or jewellery at your friend's wedding, ask to borrow it. As well as borrowing actual items to keep the costs down, you can also borrow their money-saving ideas too. It's common for most brides to want to cut costs on their wedding day somewhere, so if they got a great deal on a photographer or band, then ask them for their money-saving secrets. Sharing is caring.

3. Consider pre-loved items

Preloved items

The reality of a wedding dress is that the bride only wears it that one time (minus fittings), and it can often seem like a lot of money for just one day. Why not consider a wedding dress that's been pre-loved? You could find your ultimate dream dress at a fraction of the cost and you know it's only been worn once before. Or, if you like traditions, why not wear your mum or sister's or a close family member's wedding dress to honour your love for them? It's a sentiment that will go down in history. However, if you simply can't give up your own wedding dress, then search vouchercloud for discounts on big brands.

4. Go off-peak

Out of season

Two-thirds of weddings happen during the summer and Saturday is the most popular day on which to get married. This not only means there is tough competition, but the cost of venues, photographers, hotels and more surge due to the demand. Why not have your wedding "out-of-season" instead? You could have a winter wonderland wedding or a wedding day that embraces the colours of autumn. You'll not only save lots of money, but it's more unique. Bazaar has a great resource for discovering the most popular wedding dates of 2018, so you can plan ahead.

5. Search for online discounts

Online discounts

We live in a world where discounts and vouchers are easily accessible online, so it's never been easier to find brilliant discounts for your wedding day to help keep your wedding on a budget. There are lots of success stories that tell the stories of how beautiful brides managed to do their wedding on a budget. To make sure you can plan your wedding on a budget, stick to the wedding budget checklist we've created above. Just remember, any pounds you save can go towards a memorable and special honeymoon with your new partner. Don't forget to check out vouchercloud for discounts on all things wedding-related!

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