10 Gadgets To Save Money

Money Saving Gadgets

From the simple to the complicated, there are plenty of gadgets out there that can save you money on every-day tasks. Here at vouchercloud we are always trying to find ways to help save you some cash, so we’ve put together a list of the 10 gadgets to save money out and about or around the home.

Gadgets to Save Money at Home

Saving money around the house can easily add up as more often than not we don’t notice the savings we could be making. From household energy bills to your morning coffee, just a few little gadgets can help you save here and there which all adds up.

Energy monitor

Save Money Bills

Appoximate price : £40

Energy monitors help you see how much energy you’re using at home and how much money it’s costing you. While you might not want to hear that your expensive new tumble-dryer is costing you a small fortune, energy monitors do help to cut costs. According to the Energy Saving Trust people who use an energy monitor could find that their usage drops by 15% in the first year, meaning a saving of up to £75 on a £500 bill.

Take a look at the selection online at Amazon where you can pick up an at home energy monitor for under £40, you can make this initial payout back in just a year, saving you hundreds in the long run. Definitely a worthwhile investment!

The Water Pebble

water pebble

Appoximate price : £7.50

The Water Pebble is a clever device that easily attaches to the drain of your shower and measures the amount of water you use. During its first use, this circular device detects the amount of water used. When you next shower, the Water Pebble will alert you when it detects more water has been used than the first shower.

The plan is to try and shorten your shower each time, helping you to decrease your water bill.

Save Money Shower

Slow Cooker 

Slow Cooker

Appoximate price : £20

The rough cost of using a slow cooker is just over 10p per hour with an oven coming in at around 30p per hour. Now this might not seem much but using everyday for an hour for a year comes in at £35 for the slow cooker and £127 per year for the oven. The Telegraph discuss the battle of Oven vs Slow Cooker further here.

Now we know it’s unlikely that we will all be switching up our ovens for slow cooker full time – but definitely think twice before putting a stew or slow cooking some meat in the oven. BBC Good Food have a wide selection of recipes from five-spice braised beef to cream cheese brownies!

Save Money Hungry

Thermal Leak Detector

Save Money Draughts

Appoximate price : £25

Feeling a draught? A Thermal Leak Detector is a nifty little tool that measures temperatures using an infa-red beam. When used around the house can help you pinpoint areas that are particularly cold or hot, flagging up areas that may need to be targeted with some insulation. A great gadget that can save you money in the long run – once you’ve rectified heat loss areas pop it onto an auction site and make most of your money back too!

Black and Decker Thermal Leak Detector

You can pick up the Black and Decker TLD100 Thermal Leak Detector over at Amazon.


Aeropress Coffee Maker

Save Money Coffee

Appoximate price : £25

Coffee can be a big expenditure whether it’s dishing out £200 – £500 on an expensive coffee machine or racking up unnoticed spending by buying a coffee on the way to work each day.


With this Aeropress coffee maker you can have freshly brewed coffee in less that a minute. Enjoy at home with your feet up or pop your coffee into thermal mug so you can take it on the go and save on a pricey shop bought coffee. You can pick up a Aerobie AeroPress at Argos or Selfridges, or shave off a few more pounds by hunting a bargain Aeropress on eBay.

Gadgets to Save Money Out

Obviously your one stop shop for saving money out and about on shopping and restaurants is your helpful vouchercloud app. But if you want to further your savings we have found our top 5 gadgets to save you money when you are on the run.

Filtered water bottle

Filter Water Bottle

Appoximate price : £10

This one may seem like a bit of a no-brainer. But if you buy a bottle of water every day before work or before you go to the gym you should seriously consider cutting out this cost by picking up a filtered water bottle. Just fill this up at home with tap water and you are on your way. The water gets filtered inside the bottle, so you still get nice tasting water at no extra cost.

Save Money Water

You can pick one of these bad boys up at stores such as Millets and Argos, so if you currently spend a fair bit on water each week, think of how much you could save over the course of a year.

0870 App

Save Money Call Me Maybe

Appoximate price : 79p

Yes utility/phone suppliers, of course you want me to call you but I would rather not shell out my hard earned cash to pay for your hold music.

If you spend your time sitting on hold to utility companies then it is well worth investing in this super smart money saving app. The app turns expensive numbers that companies use (0870, 0845 and 0800) into either 01 or 02 numbers – that come out of your contracted minutes – or 08 numbers which are much cheaper. Calling a company can cost around 35p a minute, so save yourself this cost with this one-off app download.

You can also take a look online at the website Say No To 0870 to find premium rate numbers for free.

Map My Run app

Appoximate price : FREE

A gym membership can set you back anything from £10 a month to £60 a month. We definitely aren’t saying to cut back on having an active lifestyle, but the best thing about running – aside from the trainers (you will be wanting a nice cushioned pair for support) is that is is FREE. With the Map My Run app you can track all of your fitness activities using the GPS that is in-built in your smart phone. Track calories, distance, speed, pace and the route traveled using this handy app from your pocket.

Free park runs are a great way to get into running, you can search for your local organised park run here.

Save Money Running

Hybrid Car

Hybrid Car

Appoximate price : £20,000

So this one costs a little more than the rest of the gadgets suggested. Hybrid vs non-hybrid is a pretty big up front cost however the savings in fuel costs might be of interest – according to the Energy Saving Trust a full charge of hybrid is £2-£3 which typically will give you 100 miles of driving. 100 miles of petrol will cost around £9-£13 in fuel. Thus meaning you can save around a third of your usual spend.

Money Saving Hybrid Car Harry Styles

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