10 Ways To Learn Something New Everyday

Learn Something New!

Whether you have a little spare time you’d like to fill or you want to beef up your CV; learning a new skill is not only productive and smart, it’s also super empowering and can lead to new and exciting things. From practical expertise in Photoshop, coding and new languages to creative quests in calligraphy, dress-making and screen-printing. All these and more are available online and in person, ready for you to sink your teeth in.

We’ve offered up ten of the greatest offline, online and real world platforms that are ready and waiting to teach you something, help you learn a new skill, or generally enlighten the way you live each and everyday.


Learn Things Online

If you’re already a busy bee, taking an online course is a great way to squeeze in some extra learning at your own convenience. You can stop and start when you like and go back over points you may have missed.

1. Skillshare

This is a great community for learning creative skills. There are heaps of video courses from creative professionals and companies in an inspiring array of topics. It costs just $8 a month, but you get a 14 day free trial – so if you’re quick you could learn something for free then cancel your membership before it charges. Sneaky!

A few of our favourite classes include Knitting 101 from Brit + Co, The Golden Secrets of Hand Lettering with Martina Flor and Creative Nonfiction Writing with Susan Orlean from The New Yorker.

2. Lynda

This monster-sized learning platform is from the guys at Linkedin and offers you the choice of over three thousand video courses in technology, creative and business skills that you can start packing your CV with straight away. Whether you want to broaden your business knowledge or try your hand at web development – this is a really good place to start.

3. Codeacademy

Fancy a bash at building your own site? The best place to start from scratch is most certainly Codeacademy. It’s totally free, incredibly interactive and surprisingly addictive. You’ll be pitching business startups in Silicon valley in no time!

 4. Khan Academy

Wanna brush up on some Art History? Or gather the basics on black holes and galaxies? This a great place to kill some time and learn lots without having to raid the local library. It’s totally free and it’s for every age from kids revision classes to university level macroeconomics. Check it out!

5. Duolingo

Get started on learning a new language for free with Duolingo. It has lots of options from Portuguese to Norwegian, a points system to keep you hooked and a variety of reading, speaking and listening to make sure you’re covering all the bases. Definitely worth a try before you buy any expensive language guides!

6. Pianu

Learn to play some piano for free! Pianu is a really cool site that teaches you the keys interactively in your web browser. You’ll be boshing out your rendition of Let It Go in no time.

7. Data Monkey

Not quite as thrilling as learning Ukrainian perhaps, but incredibly useful in the job hunt. Learn how to analyse data, predict trends, find weaknesses and totally boss it within a working business. Well hello there pay rise!


 Real World Learning

If you’re looking for more human interaction in your learning then why not find yourself an evening class? It’ll break up your working week and get you buzzed with enthusiasm. Plus, you can convince a friend to go with you!

8. Hot Courses

Hot Courses is a really good way to find something near you, from cake decorating and pottery, to dog grooming and wine tasting – you’ll be surprised with how much is available.

9. Do-It

A great way to experience new people and places is by volunteering. The volunteer search on do-it.org helps you narrow down your search to something you’re passionate about or interested in so you can get new experiences and be incredibly helpful at the same time.

Get inspired!

Not sure what it is you want to learn? Don’t worry, you just need a big fat injection of inspiration from some people who know exactly what they’re doing!

10. Seek Out Inspiration

TED Talks

If you haven’t already drained the TED database completely of its brilliance then start watching now! This is the absolute church of all knowledge and curiosity, and the perfect place to get stimulated. A few of our favouites include…

Biz Ladies

Check out the Biz Ladies feature at Design Sponge for some great interviews with successful women. You’ll be applying to Dragon’s Den before you know it.

Khan Academy Interviews

Khan Academy who we mentioned before has a great resource for video interviews with successful entrepreneurs. Even if you aren’t planning to start your own business, listening to these people talk about what they’re passionate about is a great way to get you ready to learn.

Now go forth and get clever – or try the likes of Virtual College vouchers or Rosetta Stone deals to tackle your mental block for a little bit less!

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