5 Halloween Film Favourites


No plans for Halloween? Bring the fright night straight to your sofa with our 5 Halloween film favourites,  for an alternative spooky night in…

The Group Film: Scream 

With its guaranteed jumpy moments and guess who narrative, enjoy this Wes Craven 90’s favourite with a group of friends for a fun night in.


The Classic Film: The Shining

Set in an isolated hotel over the winter this Stanley Kubrick classic is both deeply strange and chilling on an eery night.


The Humourous Film: Shaun of the Dead

Not keen on too scary? Balancing wit and horror Simon Pegg and Nick Frost team up for this hilarious zombie comedy.


The Girly Film: The Craft

A newcomer befriends a trio of misfits where they become a witchcraft. This supernatural horror is perfect for a girly night in.


The Kids Film: Hocus Pocus

What Home Alone is to Christmas, Hocus Pocus is to Halloween! This horror comedy is one for all the family to enjoy (yes that is indeed Sarah Jessica Parker on the right).


Why not take our Halloween  and see which scary  villain you are mostly likely to be? We hope it’s more trick than treat….

halloween quiz

Have we forgotten something? Tell us your Halloween film favourites!

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