5 Quirky Suitcases and Bags for your Next Trip

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The last thing you want to be doing after a long flight is staring wide-eyed at a luggage belt, filtering through all the black and grey suitcases trying to remember which one is yours.

That, or you’re placing your faith in a sticker that might get ripped away or a keychain that gets broken (true story – very depressing) – isn’t it easier to go against the grain and try getting an awesome and quirky suitcase instead?

There is a whole world of options out there for you to pick from, but we’ve chosen five of our favourites for you to filter through!

Stemmed Suitcases 

Nothing says stand-out quite like a stencilled rose on the front of your suitcase.

Ted Baker’s beautifully simple bag features an equally bright and intricate interior, emblazoned with birds and blue skies.

This quirky suitcase is definitely worth a look.

Ted Baker Rose Stencil Suitcase

This ted Baker Stencilled Stem beauty is available at House of Fraser for £295, but again, make sure you’re keeping your eye out for a saving with a House of Fraser voucher.

Cath Kidston Cabin Bags

The veritable queen of quirky has something up her sleeve for your travels too, and the spotty world of Cath Kidston is a great way to go if you’re looking for a quirky bag that won’t go unnoticed.

This is a classic case of travel cases, with outer zip compartments to tuck away the extras you’d like to have to hand, while the size is specially designed to fit in overhead compartments.

Neat, tidy, and stylish, and the definition of a cute and quirky bag.

Cath Kidston Spotty Bag

You can buy the Textured Button Cabin Bag direct from Cath Kidston for £115, but keep an eye out for an offer or two.

Blue and Beautiful Baggage 

Unless you drop this beaut of a bag in the sea, it’s highly unlikely you’ll manage to lose it.

This is among the larger cases that you’d need for a long international trip, and is handily durable too.

It’ll also ensure you stand out from the crowd with something truly stylish, as this Revelation by Antler Stewart bag is in no way playing shy and retiring.

Revelation Blue Suitcase

The Revelation By Antler Stewart bag can be found in a few places, but we spotted it at Very for £52 – see if you can cut the cost with a voucher or two, mind you.

Suitably City-Themed Suitcases

Molto bene!

This entirely Italian themed bag is stunning, and intimidating, and ever-so-worldly.

Maybe dragging this quirky suitcase through Italy would be a little bit too meta, but it would definitely make a worthy companion all around the world.

City Themed Suitcases

You can get this beauty – the National Geographic City Themed Spinner Suitcase – From TK Maxx, with a large coming IN (before vouchers) at £69.99.

Banana Backpacks

Quirky doesn’t mean you have to ignore stylish, and if you’re confined to hand luggage then this curiously coloured by unavoidably awesome Adidas Bananas backpack is an intriguing option.

It is, apparently, inspired by the markets of Rio de Janeiro, so hopefully you’ll be taking it somewhere equally as tropical.

As it’s part of an Adidas originals range, there are also shoes and a jacket to match – if you’re feeling especially bold, that is.

Adidas Originals Backpack

You can buy this Adidas Originals Bananas Backpack from Surfdome for £30, but take a look for some Surfdome vouchers before you shop to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

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