Time in Rio de Janeiro? Airbnb is a great option

Christ the Redeemer Statue (via Artyominc on Wikipedia)

I admit that I’ve been an Airbnb convert for a few years, and now routinely choose them over more conventional options. The reason for this is that the experience can often be akin to having your own holiday home. I’ve found that it offers an extra level of freedom and relaxation, plus it allows you to feel a little more immersed in the local culture than a gentrified hotel does. With the Games having now departed Rio, and after hours spent taking in the ‘greatest show on Earth’, you may be keen to visit the sites for yourself. So here are some recommendations for where to stay*.

(*For varying numbers of guests in ‘entire homes/flats’. Prices may vary due to subsequent changes)



2 Guests- £75 per night

One for couples (or very good friends), as there is just the one queen-sized bedroom. The views and location look pretty spectacular, and the apartment looks cosy and welcoming.

It also offers plenty of local amenities and transport connections, including a ferry terminal to the downtown of Rio de Janeiro. However, the security deposit is pretty hefty and may be something that puts you off.

Niteroi, Rio, Brazil (via Marcusmansur at wts wikivoyage)

Niteroi, Rio, Brazil (via Marcusmansur at wts wikivoyage)


3 Guests- £102 per night

It seems to be a recurring theme that if you’re looking for a place to fit 3 of you, then it’s often going to be one bedroom and a sofa bed arrangement. That is also the case here, but it looks comfortable and is situated within Catete, an area with strong commerce and plenty of historic architecture.

Breakfast is provided as part of the package, and the apartment is situated close to Flamengo beach.

Rua do Catete (via Amarvudo on Wikipedia)l

Rua do Catete (via Amarvudo on Wikipedia)


4 Guests- £113 per night

For a start there are 2 separate bedrooms (1 double bed and 2 singles). It looks like good value for money with a smart and contemporary design. On the downside it does appear to be located within a kilometre or so of Santos Dumont Airport, the 2nd major one in Rio.

That being said, if you’re going to really integrate yourself into the local scene and the Samba atmosphere, I’m sure you won’t be disturbed by the odd plane as you slumber.

The Carioca Aqueduct, Lapa, Rio de Janeiro (via Sailko on Wikipedia)

The Carioca Aqueduct, Lapa, Rio de Janeiro (via Sailko on Wikipedia)


5 Guests- £229 per night

A bit more lavish, this spacious apartment has 2 bedrooms, one with a double and single bed and the other a double. There’s a balcony that offers a view of the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue in one direction, and the sea in the opposite.

For your money you’ll also get access to the nearby hotel amenities such as their coffee shop, sauna and swimming pool.

Copacabana beach, Rio (via Mteixeira62 on Wikipedia)

Copacabana beach, Rio (via Mteixeira62 on Wikipedia)

There you have it, a concise round-up of how with Airbnb, you can get a holiday crash pad in Rio and experience what all the fuss has been about during the Olympic Games.  Whilst many of the World’s best athletes had to battle it out and train during their stay, you can take the opportunity to enjoy this major cultural hub of Brazil. Now all you need to do is get some money together for the flights!

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