An Alfresco Prezzo Lunch Review


We were lucky enough to be blessed with a scorching summer’s day in the midst of a rainy week when we stopped by Prezzo for lunch on Monday.  As we wandered inside we were greeted instantly by one of the smiling staff members and given a choice of where we would like to sit, of course, we opted for an outside table so it was sunnies at the ready. I did have a peek indoors though, and the décor was subtle and classic – I’d have been more than happy to dine indoors had the weather not been so nice.

Aperitivi – Prezzo Cocktails and Starters

We started with drinks and encouraged by the friendly waitress ended up ordering a round of cocktails – you know, just to test – which were light and fruity with a slight kick. Particular stand out was the Pornstar Martini, very yummy and not too strong.Prezzo-CocktailsWe perused the menus for a while trying to decide what to order. It was difficult to narrow down the list of delicious sounding starters, so we ended up ordering almost all of them to share. The calamari was everyone’s favourite dish – perfectly cooked and completely moreish, accompanied by a zingy dipping sauce which went down a treat. I thoroughly enjoyed the mozzarella in breadcrumbs, which were extremely satisfying to pull apart leaving strings of gooey cheese. We also shared the hummus and flatbread which works as a delicious side, and the king prawns in a slightly spicy sauce, which were very tasty.


The Main Event – Prezzo Main Courses

For mains, we ordered a variety. I opted for the lasagne, always a failsafe option for me. My companions chose the sea bass, pork belly, chicken and asparagus risotto, and Calabria burger respectively. We also chose a few sides between us; the mixed salad, truffle oil infused fries and garlic bread. These dishes were set off with a round of g&t’s the waitress suggested we try, and not being one to ignore a suggestion I gracefully accepted!

My lasagne was lovely and cheesy – as all lasagnes should be in my opinion – and came piping hot with the side of garlic bread, a perfect accompaniment. The sea bass was a truly delicious dish, which was of a generous size with baby potatoes, cherry tomatoes and asparagus as well as a side order. The Calabria burger (aptly named after a beautiful Italian region) was a double beef patty with pancetta, cheddar, lettuce, tomato and red onion in a brioche bun. This is pure comfort food, coming with the traditional side of skinny fries, and the towering burger had to be tackled with a knife and fork (but I’m sure you could dive right in if you had the willpower). I was told that the pork belly dish was full of flavour, with a tasty Marsala sauce and baby potatoes. The risotto was rich and creamy.


One thing really worth noting about the menu options at Prezzo was that they were all extremely filling. Most of them came with a side dish too, making the whole meal extremely good value for money. We were so full that we didn’t have room for dessert, not that that stopped us ordering one.

To Finish – Prezzo Milk Chocolate Fudge Cake

I simply couldn’t leave without at least tasting something from the sweet menu, so we decided to share the milk chocolate fudge cake between us. This arrived with a healthy dollop of ice cream and some chocolate sauce and was so rich it completely finished us all off. Despite being full to bursting, we left very happy.


I would definitely recommend Prezzo for a leisurely lunch or dinner date. Nothing was too much trouble for the smiling staff and their top-notch service really was the icing on the cake. The prices are very reasonable, and considering how generous the portions are I assure you that you won’t leave unsatisfied. You can bag an even bigger bargain by checking out our selection of Prezzo vouchers on offer.

Buon appetito!

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