Ben Harrow

Ben Harrow

Ben spends heaps of time playing video games and watching horror movies, as any grown man should. When he’s not nerding out, he enjoys playing badminton, cooking up a storm, and casually drinking green tea. Caffeine is overrated.

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    What’s New to NOW TV – The Best Shows and Films for July/August

    With the wonderful, beautiful and generally massive array of shows and movies coming our way nowadays, it’s nigh-on impossible to keep up with what you should be watching. NOW TV is one of the better contributors to that brilliant problem, offering up some of the best TV shows and movies…

    Germany vs Argentina
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    The Best Retro Football Kits (That Still Hold Up Today)

    Football has been blessed with some truly iconic style through the years. Players and fans alike place a lot of their identity into their kits, and there’s a rumble of activity every year when the newest season’s efforts get released (and leaked) to the wider world. Many will cry foul at…

    Biscuiteers Edible Save the Date
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    Unique Save the Dates – Ideas for DIY and Custom Save the Dates

    Of course, every single step on your way towards a wedding is important – particularly when it comes to the planning. One of the first hurdles to leap elegantly over is sending out the save the dates, an increasingly important step that more and more couples are using to set…

    Lego Snowspeeder (press)
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    Lego Snowspeeder Review – Building the Lego Star Wars Snowspeeder

    There’s something fundamentally unique about the look on someone’s face when you tell them there’s a new Star Wars Lego set in the office. Pretty evidently, adults and children alike are still turned into curious, enthusiastic, intrigued, engaged – and most of all, excited – individuals when Lego is put in…

    San Diego Beach
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    Most Underrated Cities to Visit in the US

    The US of A is a big ol’ place. For a weary traveller looking for something new, that makes the far-off-shores of the States a tricky prospect – do you tread the beaten path and play it safe, or head off somewhere new in the hope of finding your own…

    Ben and Mum
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    Mother’s Day Gift Guide – Some Unique Gifts for Mum

    Every year, we get one opportunity to show the first, the only, and the most important lady in our life just how much she means to us. Mother’s Day falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent – 26th March this year – so you’d best get preparing your most heartfelt…

    Tech Deals Featured
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    The 10 Best Tech Deals – and Where to Find Them

    The newest tech-craze is always around the corner, and that means that buying up the latest and greatest products can leave a fairly healthy dent in your bank balance. But, thankfully, the world of technology is also where some of the best deals and vouchers are to be found, and…

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    The Ultimate Men’s Gift Guide

    Men are simple creatures – but sadly, that doesn’t mean that buying a gift for the man in your life is an easy task. From the fussiest of men among us to the guys who are just plain difficult to read, picking out a staple wardrobe item, a timeless gift or…

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