Baby’s First Christmas – and What Gifts to Buy!

Baby's First Christmas

Obviously the first thing that comes to mind when we think of Christmas is…babies? No? Ok. But just because babies don’t even know what on earth is going on, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t still bestow gifts upon the dribbly little things. After all, baby Jesus got gold, frankincense and myrrh for his first Christmas.

So since babies are quite cute, and your friends/relatives will probably go all gooey-eyed over it, we’ve decided that ‘Babies First Christmas’ appropriate gifts are the just the thing for any new parents in your life. And to save you the hassle, we’ve hand selected the best bits for you to order just in time for Christmas.

Baby's first bauble and santa robe

Personalised Santa Robe – My 1st Years

I’m not welling up at the computer screen – you are! This thing is legitimately adorable, and the fact that you can personalise it is a nice touch. Now I know what you’re thinking, £30 is quite steep for something that will probably only be worn for one day – BUT surely this is an item that the parents will treasure and look back on fondly once their little angel is too old to wear it anymore. You can’t put a price on nostalgia, can you?

First Christmas Bauble – Notonthehighstreet

This is both precious AND classy. I actually kind of want one for myself, do you think ‘Baby’s 26th Christmas’ has a ring to it? Obviously a very delicate and thoughtful gift, you can even have it gift wrapped so it can be delivered straight to your lucky recipients. That equals literally zero work on your end since we’ve handpicked it for you as well. Perfect, stick the kettle on.

 Baby's First (Converse) Booties and Christmas Jumper

Baby Christmas Jumper – John Lewis

No list would be complete without a cute Christmas jumper, and I think this one from John Lewis is just the ticket. Just look at it and imagine a smiling, gurgling baby wearing it. Need I say any more? You can choose from several different sizes, ranging from 6 – 24 months so it’s even suitable for the babies who AREN’T experiencing their first Christmas (hey, they’re babies too).

Personalised Photo Frame – Mothercare

This is a nice touch because a photo can be taken of baby on Christmas Day and added to the frame, therefore making it a memory that can be treasured forever. Add the little munchkins name for extra cute value. It’s also worth noting that £12 is a very reasonable price for a baby gift, not that you need to tell anyone that.

Converse Frill Bootie Socks – USC

This gift might win as both the cheapest and the cutest of the lot. They are a cosy and (dare I say it) fashionable way to dress the baby up for Christmas. Well, it’s tiny baby-sized converse – I couldn’t resist. Anyway, the colours offered are quite girly (pink and purple) so this may not be fitting for EVERY child, but it’s still a really cute present and an absolute steal at just £8 for two pairs.

So that’s our picks for Christmas gifts for any new parents you happen to know. Sure, it’s a bit of a cliché but they will lap it up, and you can feel safe in the knowledge that you’ve enhanced their day by making it all about someone else entirely. Don’t forget to check out vouchercloud for offers and codes to make the whole thing even more affordable – especially useful with our range of baby and child vouchers!

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