How To: Build Your Own Home Emergency Kit

It’s All About Preparation

Problems like power cuts and plumbing emergencies can throw a real spanner in the works of everyday life. Here at vouchercloud we have put together a list of things that make up a home emergency kit; to help ensure that you’re prepared for many different kind of eventualities.

Problems like power failure, leaks and boiler faults happen even in the most organised homes – it’s just a fact of life. But you can make sure you’re prepared for the unexpected with a few simple preparations and some great survival gear.

 Home Emergency Kit- First Aid

Make a Home Emergency Kit

Putting together a bundle of things that will come in handy during a domestic emergency is a good way of making sure you are prepared for whatever life brings . What you put together will depend to some extent on who is in your household. Families with young children, for example, may want to include different things to households with elderly members.

You can gather the smaller items together in a waterproof box – a regular sandwich-type box will be fine. Put bigger items in a sturdy bag or box, and make sure everyone knows where it’s stored.

Here’s a suggested checklist to help you build your kit…

Electric heaters

These will help you keep warm if your heating fails during cold weather. You can buy small electric fan heaters for as little as £10.99 on sites such as Argos.


For blocked drains, sinks and toilets.


To catch drips from leaks.


These can give you a reliable source of light, but remember not to leave a burning candle unattended.

Wind-up radio

For entertainment and news updates.

First aid kit

Including supplies of any medicines or inhalers you might need at short notice. Also include spare contact lenses if you wear them.

Warm clothes

Jumpers, Socks and blankets may all come in handy with a power outage. Also make sure to include waterproof boots or shoes.

Non-perishable food

Cereal bars, rice cakes and dried fruit are all things that can give you well needed energy and don’t need to be heated up.


Also remember to stock up on spare batteries!

Rubber gloves

For dealing with leaks or turning tough taps and valves.

Radiator key

To bleed your radiators.

Home Emergency kit - Phone

Have Important Numbers Handy

Putting these into your mobile phone is a good idea, but write them out on paper too, just in case your battery is low when a power cut happens.

Water board 

If there’s a leak on the pipe supplying your property, they can advise and may help pay for the repair. You should also check your home insurance policy to see if water pipes are covered.


if you have a plumber you trust and have used before, keep their number handy, especially if they work out of hours. If not, your water board can advise on finding a plumber in your area.

Electricity company and distribution network operator

If there’s a power cut, you should contact your distribution network operator in the first instance rather than your supplier. Distributors are the company who maintain the power lines to your home. You can find a list of distribution network operators and their contact details on the National Grid website.

Gas supplier 

you should also note down the gas emergency number, which is the number to call if you smell gas or suspect a gas leak. It’s 0800 111 999.

Home insurance

Tf you’re making a claim on your home insurance, you’ll need your policy number and the insurer’s claims phone number. Write both of these down on your list. Read more about making a claim with Legal & General.

Home Emergency Kit - Light

Know Where the Shut-off Switches are in Your Home

Water main shut off

Also known as the stop valve or stopcock. This is usually on the ground floor of your house, next to an outside wall.

Trip switches / fuse box or circuit breaker 

These control the electricity supply to different parts of your home. They’re usually in the same place as the electricity meter.

Gas cock / gas shut-off lever

You’ll find this on the pipe that goes into your gas meter.

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