The 10 Best Tech Deals – and Where to Find Them

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The newest tech-craze is always around the corner, and that means that buying up the latest and greatest products can leave a fairly healthy dent in your bank balance.

But, thankfully, the world of technology is also where some of the best deals and vouchers are to be found, and that means that if you’re savvy you can get ahead of the game and dig up some pretty beautiful bargains on even the most popular products. Not bad, hey?

So, whether you’re on the hunt for a new set of speakers, a big ol’ flatscreen or Amazon’s latest fancy gadget, let us guide you through some of the greatest tech deals to be found right now.

Sonos, Amazon Speakers

Sonos Play Deals

£169 > £139 – John Lewis

Speaking of speakers, the massively well regarded Sonos Play speakers are coming in at a cut-price-cost on John Lewis, meaning you can get some truly high quality sound for a healthy chunk less.

After all, what’s your favourite movie or best-loved album without amazing quality sound?

Amazon Echo Deals

£149.99 > £119.99 – Amazon

Amazon’s entry into the world of fancy speakers has been equally well received, but pushes all the right buttons when it comes to interconnectivity in your home. The Amazon Echo offers hand-free convenience with its voice control, and lets you hook up your Amazon music and Spotify accounts to let you sync up your sounds hassle-free.

You can even order takeaway through it, should that be up your street – you crazy person. The main benefits, aside from fast food, are in the 360-degree omni-directional audio and quality of sound, which acts to fill the room and give your music a new lease on life.

The Amazon Echo Dot – the Echo’s adorable little brother – is also bargainable, available for £39.99 instead of £49.99.

Amazon Fire Stick and Tablet

Amazon Fire Stick Deals

£34.99 > £24.99 – Amazon

Amazon’s tiny stick-based doorway to all kinds of awesome TV shows and movies is basically a bargain whatever price you get it at, but when you can get a cut-price Amazon Fire Stick it’s probably a good opportunity to jump on.

Whether it’s your way to hook-up your Netflix with your TV, your route to More4 and BBC iPlayer, or whether you’re hitting for the new and exclusive shows like the Grand Tour, you’ll have reams of options for what to watch for the foreseeable future.

Square-eyes are underrated.

Amazon Fire 7″ Tablet

£49.99 > £29.99 – Amazon

Amazon is also known for its hardware too, and the Fire Tablet can be dug up at an extra special price if you find the right deal too.  £30 is practically pocket-change for a product like this, and hooking-up to just about everything with easy on-the-go access is a dream.

Xbox One S and Sony PS4

XBox One S Deals

From £229.99 – Argos

Video game life is a tough life, especially when it comes to handing out heavy chunks of change for the latest and greatest games and consoles. However, the best time to fork out is when the fancy bundle deals appear, and Argos’ Xbox One S deals aren’t too shabby – particularly if you’re FIFA-minded.

Sony Playstation 4 Deals

From £199 – GAME

Speaking of utterly fabulous games consoles deals, GAME have unleashed fire by offering the 500GB Playstation 4 slim console with FIFA 17, Uncharted 4 and 2 months of free Now TV for a fairly ridiculous price.

Disgracefully good stuff – and the perfect gateway to years of video-game-shenanigans.

Dyson, Bose SoundTouch, Chromecast

Dyson V6 Deals

£349.99 > £219.99 – Dyson

Sorry to bring the tone down, but yes – you can clean your house with technology. It does make it much quicker, easier and generally cooler though, so it might be worth investing.

With Dyson being the belle of the ball when it comes to vacuum cleaners, some of the Dyson V6 cordless offerings are cutting £200 if you’re buying at the right time, and this basically brings them down to half price. Worth jumping on to avoid dealing with that dust-infected trashbag you’re currently left using…

Bose SoundTouch Deals

£169.95 > £149 – Currys

More speaker-sophistication, and the Bose SoundTouch 10 wireless multi-room speaker is the perfect example of a crazy-high-quality speaker at a beautiful price.

it’s also a great way to get wireless Wi-Fi tunes all over your house, so how can you even complain?

Chromecast Deals

£30 > £18 – Currys

After dabbling with the Amazon Firestick, we’re changing sides and showing off another fabulous way to access reams of top quality shows and general fantastic screentime fodder.

The Google Chromecast  lets you cast content from all over the shop, and carries built-in WiFi and All4 + iPlayer capabilities. Fancy-fresh stuff, and definitely worth a look-in.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

£858 > £599 – Microsoft Store

More tablet action too, but a little fancier and multi-capable – the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with £250 is a pretty darn good offer, and lets you join the wave of users who are making the most of simplified, portable technology that carries all the power of its competitors.

Screentime on the go and easily-watchable everything is massively underrated!

You’ll find reams more deals in the world of technology across vouchercloud’s lovingly curated electrical vouchers section, and hopefully a little bit of our advice goes a long way when it comes to saving you a bundle!

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