The Biscuiteers Christmas Offering – Gingerbread Houses and more…

Biiscuiteers Gingerbread House

No, Christmas is not all about family, and giving, and generosity, and season’s greetings. In case you somehow forgot, it’s almost entirely about delicious food – including biscuits and gingerbread.

So, with that true spirit of the Season in mind, we embraced the world of biscuits wholeheartedly; we’ve taken a look at some of the Biscuiteers Christmas offerings, including their DIY Gingerbread House Kit and a Nutcracker Biscuit Tin, to enjoy some treats that are equal-parts delicious and adorable.

Biscuiteers Gingerbread House Making

Biscuiteers DIY Gingerbread House Kit – £35

There’s always something undeniably festive about mixing up your icing glue, preparing your steadiest of steady hands, and building a lovely abode for your favourite gingerbread men and women. Biscuiteers’ gingerbread house is made of their endlessly delicious spiced biscuits, and the kit comes with the following:

  • 6 really-hard-not-to-eat-before-you-start-building slabs of gingerbread biscuit – two roof pieces, two walls and two end bits;
  • A big ol’ bag of icing sugar (just add water and stir);
  • Three bags of sweet decorations – silver balls, pink sprinkles and smarties (all equally difficult not to eat before building commences).

The first thing to say is not to get intimidated by how annoyingly beautifully the fancy-schmancy professional Biscuiteers bakers have decorated their house on the instructions. They’re basically showing off, and if yours doesn’t look quite as beautiful, don’t take it to heart.

Biscuiteers Gingerbread House

But credit where credit’s due, we didn’t do too badly, right?

This kit is cute and compact, which makes things quite simple compared to some of the weightier, heavier kits. The light biscuits also mean that things stick a little easier and the icing doesn’t tend to slip, which is a god-send when you’re working on the most nerve-wracking stages!

You only need a mildly steady-hand to give things a go – even I could do okay, and I’ve got the stereotypical Doctor’s handwriting vibe going for me – and you get bountiful sweets to decorate with – frankly more than you could ever hope to attach to one house, which is great (as you get to chow on the rest).

… and we only had one minor slip when trying to ice things together. As long as you make the icing to a fairly sturdy consistency, you won’t have too many dramas (but even if you do, it wouldn’t be fun without a small house collapse, right?)

Biscuiteers Nutcracker Suite Biscuits

Biscuiteers Nutcracker Biscuit Tin – £35

If you haven’t come across a Biscuiteers biscuit tin before, then this is everything you need to know:

  • They’re ridiculously tasty.
  • Every biscuit comes intricately iced, with a whole heap of care and attention paid to the design.
  • They’re, genuinely, ridiculously tasty.
  • Every box comes with a different theme, and they;re massively varied – from Mr Men to Superheros and just about everything in between.
  • Oh my god, they’re delicious.

As is appropriate for the season, we delved into the rather endlessly adorable Nutcracker Suite tin, featuring, among other things, the single most adorable Mouse King I’ve ever laid eyes on (no word of a lie, we had to give him away because he was too cute to eat).

Each box contains 9 full biscuits and what I’ll call ‘biscuitettes’, like small iced stars. Children will love the cute designs, and adults will, well, love the biscuits. This Christmas box came with the ginger-spiced biscuits, as is tradition, and they offer slightly more bite than the traditional vanilla biscuits, but are in no way over-flavoured or intense. Very well balanced.

It’s also worth remembering that the tins themselves are definitely a keepsake – both adorably decorated and invaluable as a regular biscuit tin.

The full Biscuiteers Christmas collection includes heaps of biscuits, chocolates and assorted other gifts that will make for beautiful small additions and wonderful friend or colleague gifts. You can find big, beautiful personalised bauble biscuits or gingerbread Santa, or invest in a box decorated with characters from The Snowman, a Christmas Circus or the Nativity, among many others – and make sure you save too, with a Biscuiteers voucher code.

Merry Christmas, and thanks for making me hungry again.

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