The Tea Total – How Much Caffeine Does Tea Have?

caffeine in tea

Green tea is often believed to be a caffeine-free alternative to our typically British cups of tea, but avid tea-drinkers might be surprised to know that green tea naturally contains caffeine. Caffeine in green tea is significantly lower than most black teas, but may not be the best choice if you’re looking to cut out those pesky meddling caffeinated properties which keep you awake at night.

We’ve tackled the beliefs, and boiled it down to give you the facts and figures for all your favourite types of tea leaf, whether you’re a lover of herbal tea, green tea or a proper brew!

Caffeine Content of Popular Teas

Type of TeaServing SizeCaffeine Quantity       Caffeine Level
Black Tea240 ml (cuppa)14-90 mgModerate
Black Tea (Decaf)240 ml (cuppa)0-12 mgLow
Darjeeling Tea240 ml (cuppa)19-55 mgModerate
Oolong Tea240 ml (cuppa)50-75 mgModerate
English Breakfast Tea240 ml (cuppa)40-70 mgModerate
Earl Grey Tea240 ml (cuppa)55 – 90 mgModerate
Lady Grey Tea240 ml (cuppa)14-40 mgModerate
Green Tea240 ml (cuppa)12-30 mgLow
Jasmine Green Tea240 ml (cuppa)17-30 mgLow
Lemon Green Tea240 ml (cuppa)12-30 mgLow
Matcha Green Tea240 ml (cuppa)70 mgModerate
White Tea240 ml (cuppa)30-50 mgLow
Rooibos Tea240 ml (cuppa)0 mgCaffeine-free!
Peppermint Tea240 ml (cuppa)0 mgCaffeine-free!
Red Berry Tea240 ml (cuppa)0 mgCaffeine-free!
Ginger Tea240 ml (cuppa)0 mgCaffeine-free!
Camomile Tea240ml (cuppa)0 mgCaffeine-free!
Other Drinks
Coffee240ml (cuppa)150-200mgHigh
Coca-Cola330ml (can)32mgLow
Diet Coke330ml (can)42mgLow
Coke Zero330ml (can)32mgLow
Coca-Cola Life330ml (can)26mgLow
Redbull250ml (can)80 mgModerate
Relentless500ml (can)160 mgHigh

 Caffeine in Green Tea

caffeine in green tea

The leaves harvested for green tea are from the same Chinese tea plant that black and oolong tea are harvested from, hence why the green tea leaves still contain caffeine. So why then, do the teas differ in appearance, taste and caffeine content? Black Tea and Oolong tea are put through an age old withering and oxidation process, which breakdown the leaf proteins that release more caffeine; therefore changing the taste of the tea and the caffeine content! Who’d have thought it?

Drinking green tea is consistently linked with a healthy lifestyle, with the high content of antioxidants and no more than one calorie per cup, it’s no wonder we’re always salivating over the delicious range of green teas available at Whittard of Chelsea. Jasmine, Goji Acai, and Mango & Bergamot are just a few of the popular fragrant choices available online – so there’s plenty of choice for those of us who find the taste of plain green tea too bitter to stomach on daily basis. Just remember; if you’re trying cut down on your caffeine intake, opting for naturally caffeine-free herbal teas is the better choice, not to mention just as good for you.

caffeine in white teaCaffeine in White Tea

If you like your tea natural and delicate – there’s no better place to dip your tastebuds into warm, floral White tea than Whittard of Chelsea. The fresh, barely-processed White Tea is made by harvesting young silvery tea leaves at the first signs of spring, before drying them out to halt the oxidation process. By avoiding the oxidation process, White Tea is perfect for a subtle caffeine in boost should you need the focus or energy. The result is a sweet and floral tea, that’s been recognised for its rejuvenating properties.

Abandon the trickery of anti-aging face cream – and drink a cup of white tea a day to keep the wrinkles away!

Caffeine in Peppermint Teapeppermint tea

Peppermint Tea is naturally caffeine-free, which means it doesn’t undergo any process to strip away the caffeine. Fresh, healthy goodness in a cup – peppermint is an excellent alternative if you’re looking to cut down on your caffeine intake. Refreshing and beneficial to the digestive system – why not replace your cups of green tea with a herbal peppermint one? Whittard’s plain and simple loose-leaf pure peppermint tea will cleanse the palate, and make you feel altogether a little lighter and refreshed.


Caffeine in Earl Grey Tea

caffeine in earl grey tea

It’s time to get to know your cup of Earl Grey a little better. A black tea blend of Ceylon and Chinese tea with bergamot flavouring – Earl Grey became iconic for its simply divine taste when paired with the sweet indulgence of afternoon tea. As a combination of black teas – Earl Grey naturally contains caffeine. The bergamot oil adds the distinct refreshing citrusy taste and aroma we all love Earl Grey for!

The Whittard blend is a quintessentially British delight – try the loose-leaf version with its pretty blue cornflowers, paired with a big ol’ slice of cake. Delicious.

Caffeine in Rooibos Tea

caffeine in rooibos tea

You won’t find any caffeine in Rooibos Tea, more commonly known as Red Bush tea. Although a fairly recent addition to our tea selections at home, ‘Bush Tea’ has been enjoyed in South Africa for generations. Usually grown in a small mountainous area of Cederberg in South Africa, Rooibos has malty, honeyed taste and can be drunk with milk like black tea, or with honey, lemon or sugar to taste.

Rooibos is naturally caffeine-free, and also contains much lower levels of tannin than black tea and green tea (the compound that stains your teeth over time), making it the ideal alternative to your regular brew. It’s also the perfect comforting cuppa’ to wind down with before you head upstairs to bed – with not a gram of caffeine in sight! Whittard have a dreamy selection of plain and flavoured Rooibos tea, guaranteed to tantalise your taste buds in caffeine-free bliss.


Caffeine in Matcha Green Tea

caffeine in matcha green tea

The Japanese super tea; the healthy green powder packed with flavour, antioxidants and a generous caffeine hit too. Woven into Japanese history, notably in Zen Buddhist practices, Matcha Green Tea has fast become the healthy drink to drink. Healthy tea does not means free of caffeine, with around one cup of Matcha Green Tea contributing 70 mg of caffeine to your daily intake – on par with most Black Teas. The ground up leaves form a powder that promotes quick absorption of all the goodness inside the tea leaves, properties that often aren’t extracted in great quantities by brewing.

Matcha Green powder can be drunk in a traditional way with hot water, or swirled into a Matcha Latte with hot milk. Make Matchas that would earn the respect of the Japanese, with Whittard’s traditional bamboo spoon and whisk to make sure you achieve the creamy froth on top! A great gift for any Matcha tea drinker.


Dive headfirst into the Whittard’s range of premium teas, and each cup will whisk you away with delectable taste and fragrant scents. And psst… don’t forget to pinch a Whittard voucher code from vouchercloud to save money on your choice of tea before you buy!

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