Ernest Jones engagement rings
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How to choose your diamond in the rough

While gifting diamonds is regarded as the perfect way to show another how much you cherish them, getting it right isn’t always as transparent or as simple as it may seem. When it comes to diamonds, there is a whole world to explore. Making sure that a diamond or a piece of…

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The Ultimate Men’s Gift Guide

Men are simple creatures – but sadly, that doesn’t mean that buying a gift for the man in your life is an easy task. From the fussiest of men among us to the guys who are just plain difficult to read, picking out a staple wardrobe item, a timeless gift or…

fall family outfits
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Find your fall uniform

Whether you’re getting back to work, starting university or sending your little ones off to school – nearly all the leaves are brown and autumn is a-brewin. What will this season bring to us? Especially in terms of fall uniform. At a time when new starts are rife with fresh…

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Top 10 Christmas Jumpers

Christmas Day is around the corner, the weather is getting colder and all you want to do is snuggle up in a chunky cardigan or jumper.  So why not choose something festive to bring the Christmas cheer back into the dull winter wardrobe? If you work somewhere that encourages your…