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is going vegan expensive
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Is going vegan expensive?

An investigation into the cost of the increasingly popular vegan diet has revealed that convenience vegan foods could cost on average 23% more than their original meat and dairy counterparts. Can new vegans make the move to plant-based diets without spending more at the supermarket? In 2015, interest in a…

Gousta Steak and Peanut Sauce
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Gousto Review – One of the Best Delivery Boxes?

Cooking delicious, creative, healthy and interesting meals on the regular is HARD. Who has the time to pick out new recipes, source some decent (and often eclectic) ingredients and make sure it doesn’t double your weekly food bill? Unsurprisingly, a lot of people agree with me; the massive boom in…

M&S Meal Deal Duck
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Every Single Dish on the M&S Dine In Menu

Good ol’ M&S. Despite it only appearing for a week at a time, the Marks and Spencer £10 meal deal is iconic. Where else could you get a high quality main, some fairly tempting sides and an often luscious dessert – along with a bottle of whatever you fancy –…

Homemade Vegetarian Soups
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Top 5 Easy to Make Homemade Vegetarian Soups

Pick of the Best Homemade Vegetarian Soups Soup is a great way to get those well needed veggies into your diet. Not only are they packed with nutrients – they’re one of the best ways to use up left-over vegetables. Plus – recipes are easily adaptable – a great way…

Top 10 Mocktail Recipes
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10 Famous Mocktail Recipes to Try at Home

The Best Mocktail Recipes to Make at Home If you prefer to stay away from the strong stuff, you’re probably on the look out for tasty alternatives to the most common party tipples. To help add a touch of class to your glass when you want to avoid a hangover, the…

Sushi at Home Banner Image
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Making Sushi Rolls at Home

Sushi at Home For most sushi lovers, tucking into your favourite bite-sized meal is a rare treat – but it doesn’t have to be. The elusive dish from Japan comes in all shapes, sizes and flavours, and there are plenty of options for beginners to have a go at creating sushi rolls…