Germany vs Argentina
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The Best Retro Football Kits (That Still Hold Up Today)

Football has been blessed with some truly iconic style through the years. Players and fans alike place a lot of their identity into their kits, and there’s a rumble of activity every year when the newest season’s efforts get released (and leaked) to the wider world. Many will cry foul at…

Christ the Redeemer Statue (via Artyominc on Wikipedia)
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Time in Rio de Janeiro? Airbnb is a great option

I admit that I’ve been an Airbnb convert for a few years, and now routinely choose them over more conventional options. The reason for this is that the experience can often be akin to having your own holiday home. I’ve found that it offers an extra level of freedom and relaxation, plus it…

Mulan running
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Did You Know About the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon?

Disney is magical. There’s no disputing that. Disneyland is no different, and is notorious for hiding heaps of secrets around the park for you to discover and hosting reams of events that make even the biggest kid smile from ear to ear. I mean, who could possibly argue with meeting…

Paintball Counter Strike
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The Top 5 Paintball FAQs

There’s nothing quite like landing a perfect shot on your best mate from miles away, and seeing their face as they realise you’ve knocked them out of the game with sniper-esque skill. Paintballing is a great stag-do game, perfect for team-building , or simply brilliant fun is you can get…

womens workout clothes
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Women’s Workout Outfits to Get you Moving

Workout Outfits for Women If like me, you sometimes lack the motivation to get to the gym or even go outside in the often cold, windy and rainy British  weather; firstly, I don’t blame you and secondly; there is another way to get motivated – by updating your gym wardrobe! If…

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David Lloyd Review

David Lloyd Fitness – Your Local Gym When the offer was put forward to sample one of the country’s leading fitness centres I jumped at the chance, and I was quickly followed by my fellow sport-loving colleague. We were invited to take advantage of the excellent facilities at our local…

Affordable Gyms Featured Image
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Top 5 Affordable Gyms In The UK

Gyms with Cheap Fitness Membership Over 8 million of us are slipping on our trainers, readying our sweatbands and slogging it out in the gym with a membership. A gym membership in the UK doesn’t always come cheap with some swanky gyms costing around £60 a month meaning some of us are racking up an…