San Diego Beach
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Most Underrated Cities to Visit in the US

The US of A is a big ol’ place. For a weary traveller looking for something new, that makes the far-off-shores of the States a tricky prospect – do you tread the beaten path and play it safe, or head off somewhere new in the hope of finding your own…

last minute travel checklist
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Holiday 101 – Last Minute Travel Checklist

Your long-awaited holiday is less than a week away; so close in fact, you can practically feel the sand between your toes! ‘Get me on that beach!’ you exclaim excitedly to your envious colleagues, ‘and slap some sun lotion on my back while you take me there!’ Wait, have you…

Christ the Redeemer Statue (via Artyominc on Wikipedia)
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Time in Rio de Janeiro? Airbnb is a great option

I admit that I’ve been an Airbnb convert for a few years, and now routinely choose them over more conventional options. The reason for this is that the experience can often be akin to having your own holiday home. I’ve found that it offers an extra level of freedom and relaxation, plus it…

Belgrade Serbia - Featured
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Unusual European Holidays – Unique City Breaks Across Europe

Ahh, summertime. Ok, it’s rainy and miserable outside – I get it. Luckily we’ve got a few ideas up our sleeve for summer holidays off the beaten track that won’t break the bank, because they’re right on our doorstep! If post-Brexit Britain is getting you down and you fancy soaking…

small summer festivals
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Embrace Summer With The Best UK Independent Festivals

Festivals have become an incredible part of British culture and every year, hundreds flock to different parts of the UK to enjoy music, mud and maybe even a little sun during the summer months. Whatever type of music or experience you’re into- smaller or independent festivals can be the best…

europe by ferry
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Are we nearly there yet? – Europe by Ferry

It’s quite something, to have the proximity to drive from France, to Belgium, Holland and Germany in less time than it takes to drive from London to Manchester. You could, if it’s sort of thing that tickles your fancy, eat a French croissant, some Belgian chocolate, a Dutch Stroop waffle…

Weekend Breaks Featured
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Top 5 Alternative Weekend Breaks on a Budget

Where to Go for a Cheap Weekend Away Staycations are as popular as ever and if you are looking for a unique weekend break, away from the usual UK tourist destinations, then look no further. We’ve scouted out some fantastic weekend getaways to suit all tastes, with some pocket friendly…