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Last week I was lucky enough to try out the the Bath branch of Headmasters, who if you didn’t already know are an ever-expanding chain of exclusive hair salons in the UK, offering premium hairdressing and optimum service in a contemporary salon.  If you want to find out just how Headmasters measure up make sure to check out my Headmasters review below.

The first Headmasters opened in Wimbledon Village in 1982 and has gone on to sprout up 44 other salons in some of the most exclusive parts of the country including Bath, Mayfair, Weybridge and Richmond. Their website has loads of useful information such as a price list and salon locations. Click here to find your nearest salon and if you’re in need of a little inspiration for your new look make sure you check out the latest trends gallery here.

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My Experience of Headmasters Hairdressers in Bath

Like most girlies I can be quite particular about my hair, which is not to say that it ever looks particularly good it’s just that I don’t like other people messing with it. I’ve always found that no matter how much I spend or don’t spend on a hair cut I usually come out feeling a bit weird and like I’m wearing somebody else’s wig.

When I arrived at the salon I was greeted by a lovely lady called Lucy, offered a selection of cold or hot drinks and sat down for a chat. Straight away I felt things were going to go well, from past experience I can safely say that the more questions a hair stylists asks you and the more they listen to what you have to say about your hair; the better the results are going to be. Lucy was very thorough and even questioned me on what products I tend to use, I felt like I was in good hands.

Being the Pinterest lover that I am I obviously had a mood board to hand with some images that I thought would help Lucy transform me into Alexa Chung (dream on Elly). She was quick to guide me away from a length that would leave me looking like a little boy with a round head and helped me decide on something that would suit my face shape. This was going well. Here’s what I was sort of aiming for..

The salon was right in the centre of Bath so very convenient and was open late enough for me to go after work; always a plus in my books. It was fresh, modern and relaxed. I genuinely had a lovely time in there, Lucy talked me through each step and the products that she was using and why. Oh and the head massage just about put me into a coma, if someone could do that for me every morning I’d be a much nicer person.

Headmasters Review: The Verdict

As you can see below she did a pretty bloody good job of turning my scraggly dead rats tails into a rather grown up bob, and she even talked me through how to style it myself so I wouldn’t be left flapping in font of the mirror every morning. (Yes I know these photos are ridiculous.)

Overall I was pretty chuffed with my experience, my hair felt great afterwards and the style is really easy to work with. I’ll definitely be heading back in a couple of months and giving the girls in the office a kick in that direction too! If you want to feel like your locks are being looked after; this is the place to go.

Saving You Money – Hair Cut Offers

At the end of your appointment you’re given a handful of recommend a friend cards, so that when you talk your mates into going along they’ll get 50% off, and on your next visit you’ll get 50% off too! Not bad ey? Plus here at vouchercloud we’ve got a 25% off voucher  – so your first visit will be a bargain too!

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