Edible Christmas Gifts from Biscuiteers

Working at vouchercloud is the worst. First they gave me a free hot air balloon ride over Bristol, now I have to write a blog about edible christmas gifts. Honestly.

The particular biscuit gifts in question are from the good folk at Biscuiteers who, as the name suggests, are pretty obsessed with the things, which is something we have in common. They’ve got christmas biscuit tins in abundance, and its the release of their special christmas biscuits, the Christmas Holiday Biscuit Tin and Iced Christmas Biscuit Tin, that means I have the pleasure of reviewing their wares today. Merry Christmas to me.

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The Presentation

The Christmas tins are stuffed full of goodies, presented in an adorable tin with appropriate christmas illustrations. Sealed in tissue paper pressed with a Biscuiteers label, I feel like I’m unwrapping a wealthy merchant’s box from the 19th century, except instead of being filled with trinkets from faraway lands, it’s filled with the greatest treasure of all: icing-encrusted biscuity treats. Yum.

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The biccies themselves look stunning. Each with a generous decoration of icing depicting everything from a snowflake, ice skates, christmas pudding and beyond, they display an attention to detail normally associated with a Heston concoction.

These are the sort of presentation biscuits you see on the telly – eating them I actually feel like I’m in an episode of Bake Off, to the point where my colleagues get annoyed at me for shouting ‘Bake!’ and referring to Excel as ‘The Technical Challenge’.

The Taste

So well put together are these advent gifts, you almost won’t want to eat them: they’re like prize-winning crafts. You’ll come to your senses pretty soon though, and it took about 30 seconds for my resolution not to spoil these beautiful treats to give way to another, more powerful resolution to eat 4 of them at once.

Taste-wise, you can’t really fault these bad boys. Coming in flavours including vanilla, cocoa and mixed spice, the biscuits themselves are exceptionally well seasoned and fragrant as anything. They’ve got a satisfying crunch but are pleasingly chewy. I don’t know how they’ve managed to make a biscuit that’s both crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside – presumably through some sugary witchcraft – but I’m certainly glad they have. The icing is properly decadent too and the use of natural and naturally derived colours means it’s not too sickly – just right, in fact.

Which to choose: Christmas Holiday Biscuit Tin v Iced Christmas Biscuit Tin

This holiday season, you’ve got 2 christmas tins to choose from. Of course, you can always buy both but here’s a rundown of each:

  • Option A is the Iced Christmas Biscuit Tin (£39.50). This has a particularly snowy theme, and the makers have used this as an opportunity to absolutely lather the things in white icing, which if you ask me is a good move. You’ll find snowy reindeer, snowmen, snowy xmas trees and much more besides. You get around 16 biscuits per box, and you can even personalise the present biscuit.

edible-christmas-gifts-biscuiteers 2

  • Option B is the Christmas Holiday Biscuit Tin (£32.50). This is a little smaller (you get around 9 biscuits) and features a fragrant All Spice taste to the biscuits that works very well with a warm, chocolatey drink. Crack them out when family and friends are round and watch as everyone is brought together through the magic of biscuits.

edible-christmas-gifts-biscuiteers 1

As you can see, here are beautiful biscuit tins to share with family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, people you meet in queues and whoever else you bump into this christmas.

Christmas Gifts Verdict

The real test of any biscuit is how it goes with a cup of tea and I have to say these were excellent, going splendidly soft whilst retaining their flavour. Suffice to say they didn’t last long in the office. Absolutely reeking of quality and craftsmanship, these are ideal biscuits if you’ve got lots of people who will be wanting dessert, in-laws to impress, are having the ambassador round for tea, or you just want a Christmas biscuit tin that’s a cut above the rest.

The tin itself is gorgeous too, you’ll want to keep it to store things in and remember what an amazing time you all had eating those biscuits. As edible christmas gifts go, you won’t find any better than the Biscuiteers luxury tins. All for biscuits and biscuits for all!

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