Essential Online Shopping Tools

British Currency (via Pixabay)

It should be no surprise that online shopping is big business. According to the most recently released ‘Statistical Bulletin’ of UK retail sales (July 2016), 14.2% of all retail spending was attributable to online shopping.

With a little analysis of the figures, it’s also clear that the internet share of the market is slowly but surely growing. So, as I’m a caring sort, I’ve traipsed through the minefield of the World Wide Web to bring you a handy online shopping guide. With some tricks and suggestions that might help you to shop more cleverly…


Super Saver Delivery Tool Logo

This is a great idea, and one that attempts to solve a problem I’ve spent too much time deliberating over in the past. You know, when you’ve found what you want to buy on Amazon but haven’t broken the limit for their free delivery service.

Well with this, you simply enter your total spend in your basket and the tool presents a bunch of items that will then take you over the threshold. Granted it might be a generic household item, but in this case that’s all you need!


Ebates Logo

Knocking around since the end of the last Millennium, this San Francisco based site has the intriguing premise of earning cashback for your purchases. UK customers can take advantage of it as long as your chosen vendor will ship products outside of the U.S and Canada.

Ebates explain that they receive a fee from stores when customers shop with them, and so some of this fee (up to 40%) is then shared with those that sign up. Sounds good.


Shpock Logo

You don’t always have to purchase something new, which explains why there’s been a prevalence for ‘car boot’ style buying for some time now. Shpock launched in the UK in 2014, and has been slowly but surely eating into the well-established territories of ebay and Gumtree.

Seeing as the app doesn’t charge for listings or transactions, and it has been commended for a friendly and modern UX, it won’t be a surprise to see its influence grow.


Shopitize Logo

Another app that incentivizes you with cash back offers, the difference here is that the focus is on your weekly supermarket shop. Money off certain brands can be uncovered after answering a yes/no style question.

To get your discount deposited into your bank (or PayPal) account, use the Shopitize scanner to log the products as you shop, and finally send them a picture of your receipt for verification.


Obviously this is just the very tip of the iceberg, when it comes to the many ways you can save money with the use of shopping tools online.  Just remember to be sensible with where you do your purchasing, if it doesn’t seem legitimate, then it probably isn’t.

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