Expedia’s Most Popular Hotel Destinations – You’ll be Surprised What Makes the Top 5…

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Frequent flyers and once-in-a-while vacationers alike have their go-to search engines for travel deals and stunning destinations. With the likes of Skyscanner, Hotels.com and, of course, Expedia offering a quick and easy way to compare flights, hotels and holidays for the cheapest deals, we’re closer than ever to a budget holiday and a whole pile of savings on our next big trip.

After years of helping loyal Vouchercloud-ites to save even more money on their travels, we’ve had some quite interesting information shared with us on where the people want to go – and courtesy of Expedia, we now know the most popular destinations for UK travellers booking Expedia hotels through the service*.

… some of them might be a little surprising.


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6 – Paris

Ahhh, mon petit Paris.

The capital of our notoriously romantic European neighbour sits at number 6 in the list of most bookable destinations. Give its widespread fame and close proximity, it’s not really a surprise that this beautiful city features so prominently.

With the centre of the city providing such ample tourism options – the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and Notre Dame Cathedral are among the perfect examples – and big attractions like Disneyland Paris resting nearby, there’s heaps of reasons to plan a weekend away or longer stay, too.

Never underestimate the influence of certain giant sporting events too – coughEuro2016cough.

With almost ~75 five star, ~500 four star and ~900 three star hotels on offer, you’ve got quite the fair selection of places to stay, too.


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5 – Birmingham

From strength to str… wait, what?

Give us credit, we did tell you there were some rogue options – and it;s worth keeping in mind that the vast majority of hotel bookings across the UK are for spontaneous weekends away at best (and business trips at worst).

However, Birmingham is quite the city of culture in and of itself, and given its central location it’s within reach of heaps of major destinations all over the country.

You can treat yourself to a day of shopping in one of the biggest shopping centres around the country – the beautiful Bullring, naturally – or take in one of the many museums, attractions and experiences nearby.

I mean, they also have Cadbury World, the BIRTHPLACE of chocolate. Sort of.

With almost 90% of the 300 hotels 3 star and above, you’re pretty much guaranteed a decent night’s sleep, too (after that sugar-rush has faded).


Image by Greg_Men – @Greg_Men on Flickr

4 – Edinburgh

More domestic bliss, but a little further afield for many of us – and an ideal long weekend destination and city getaway.

Scotland’s stunning capital offers some rich cultural experiences and stunning sites for visitors, and is an ideal attraction for the Scottish locals, too.

Edinburgh as a city is a unique blend of history-rich medieval surroundings and stunning, more modern elegance throughout some of the newer areas, and is incredibly foot-friendly – meaning that exploring by foot is without a doubt the bets way to get to know the place.

The Fringe Festival is an inevitable draw, featuring an assortment of acts from all across the UK and even further afield for a week of shows and shenanigans, but Christmas festivals and summer sun are equally good opportunities to take a wander around.

You’ll also get to pick from more than 20 five star hotels, ~170 four star hotels and over 200 three star hotels, ensuring your stay is a delight regardless of the budget you’re putting down.


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3 – Manchester

We did warn you – the vast majority of hotel bookings aren’t for far-flung holidays, but often for domestic duties and a cheeky weekend getaway.

The veritable hub of the Northwest of England, Manchester is world-renowned – often for football admittedly, but it has plenty more to bring to the table.

With a rich music culture, heaps of international festivals and enviable shopping across the city centre (Exchange Square especially), it’s easy to whittle away a weekend – obviously with some lush food and drink smattered in between.

It’s also, just like Birmingham, an airport destination that can help you set off all over the world, making it an ideal city for an overnight stay.

With over 160 three star and above hotels to pick from – the vast majority across the city centre – you’ll also be able to pick and choose your style of stay, too.

New York

Image by E Palen – @cygbin on Flickr

2 – New York

Nowwww we’re talking. The bright lights of the city that never sleeps are enough to draw endless attention, even from our distant shores. It’s actually quite crazy to think that Expedia sees more New York hotel bookings than the likes of Manchester, Edinburgh and Birmingham, when you stop and think about it.

This one doesn’t take much explaining, either – Times Square, Central Park, heaps of tourist attractions and regions offering their own food, nightlife and intrigue is enough to merit a couple of weeks of non-stop exploration. At some point in your life, you’ve basically got to see the Empire State Building, Times Square, and a Broadway show, after all.

The list is almost endless. Personally, I’d like to see a basketball and/or a baseball game (preferably both, but we can’t get greedy now).

You can also take your pick of over 40 five star hotels, ~220 four star hotels and well over 300 three star hotels to play host to what is likely the trip of a lifetime.


Image by Pedro Szekely – @Pedrosz on Flickr

1- London

What-with the British dominance, it’s no surprise that our world-famous capital city rises to the top of the list. Whether it be because of the sheer amount of business done there, the iconic tourist traps for both international and British visitors or simple because it’s a nice place to visit once in a while, London whips straight to the top of the most common Expedia-booked hotels list.

For now though, we’ll try and ignore the business trips and train-tube-meeting-tube-hotel working days – and focus on the fun, the historic, and the exciting.

You’ve got some of the nations best eating and drinking – across the famous spaces and unique hideaways – and all kinds of different adventures to enjoy across the different regions.

But, for the more traditional trip, you can take in Buckingham Palace, traipse around Harrods and Hamleys, breeze (or crawl incredibly slowly) through Oxford Street, take in The Tower of London or Madame Tussauds…

There’s a reason it’s the capital – and a reason it’s top of this list.

With that in mind, a massive 120+ five star hotels, and almost 1,000 4 and 3 star hotels combined makes for a trip that you can customise yourself (and enjoy, thankfully, at a variety of price ranges.

Of course, you can also make sure you make a saving on any trips you happen to book with Expedia if you look up a vouchercloud offer at the same time – our gift to you, naturally.

*From July 2015 to February 2016. Data is averaged.

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