Father’s Day gifts from Hotel Chocolat

Nothing gets the employees of vouchercloud up and out of their seats quicker than the sound of a Hotel Chocolat delivery, and this box certainly didn’t disappoint.

It’s just over three weeks until Father’s Day and they’ve got some super cool (and super manly) new products that will put a big grin on Dad’s face for sure.

We are particularly loving the Old Fossil milk chocolate slab, perfect for making him feel suitably old whilst ensuring you’ll get a bite too! (It’s one hefty slab.)


Also in our box of goodies was a packet of Belgian blonde beer chocolates. Now I must say these weren’t for everyone, they really do pack a beer flavoured punch – but if your Pa is a big brew guzzler than these are a great little extra for the gift bag.

And if you thought Hotel Chocolat only dealt in chocolate then you’be be wrong. We also got a bottle of Cocoa Beer, brewed cleverly with the left over cocoa shells from making all those hundreds of yummy slabs. A seriously tasty treat for any beer enthusiasts out there.


So that’s Dad sorted, what’s new for the rest of us I hear you cry?!

WELL, Hotel Choc have been very busy bees cooking up their new Fruity Collection, and take it from us it is a triumph of a chocolate invention. Have I said the word chocolate enough yet? Described as a “zesty bounty of thrilling fruit flavours” on their website, I’d say they’ve hit the adjective nail on the head there.

Forget those sorry old strawberry cremes you’re used to, these are next level flavour popping balls of fun. Eating one of the Lemon Truffles can be likened to the feeling of shoving a whole slice of lemon chocolate cheesecake in your mouth, minus the mess.

The Sleekster Fruity Selection

You can check out what else is new at Hotel Choc here, and always make sure you keep an eye out for any money saving specials over at vouchercloudBon appétit!


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