What to Wear: Outfits For a Festival


What to Wear for a Music Festival:

Boho Festival Fashion

The biggest festival trends are usually influenced by the good old days – Woodstock, Isle of Wight and the early years of Glastonbury – and festival fashion in 2015 is all about the 70s. We’re talking psychedelic patters with frills and frolics included and the biggest chunk of boho you can muster. And are we surprised? No – the 70s looked pretty flippin’ rockin’!

70s Festival Fashion

On the other side of the psychedelic spectrum for 2015 festival fashion are plain but definitely not boring whites. Some pieces include a touch of ditsy summer flowers, whereas others stick with bright white, whilst staying in keeping with the current trend of 70s trims.

A festival wardrobe of frilly waistcoat style jackets and long skirts, stark white maxi dresses and shirts might sound like a really bad idea but let’s be honest; there are always two sides to a festival: music and style (okay three, we forgot the food). When you’re wearing something delightful, you’ll be sure to take care of it and plus, you can’t get more comfortable than free flowing light coloured outfits on a hot day full of dancing!

Outfits for a Festival

The styles we love for the upcoming festival season mix elegance with bold 70s prints. Anthropologie is our goddess of all of the above, so it’s no surprise that we love everything they’re throwing our way this season. We’ve also taken a look at online women’s fashion store Closet London who have an equally pleasing selection of summer-ready outfits to make sure every day at a music festival is bright and breezy.

We believe that there’s no better way to shop for clothes than online (with a fashion voucher, of course) and at both Anthropologie and Closet the latest trends are ready to browse, buy and be delivered to you just in time for your big festival weekend.

Chuck in some wellies and you’re prepared for anything a festival experience has to throw at you.

festival wellies

Anthropologie Summer Style – Perfect for Festival Season

There’s no questioning it – Anthropologie know exactly how to dress us for summer. Their holiday shop speaks of trips to Europe and the rare but oh so appreciated Indian summer weekends in Britain. With plenty of colourful patterns and pleats on show, it’s a great place to start your festival clothes shopping too.

Anthropologie Shorts

What better time to get your pins out than at a festival? Feel the breeze / mud on your knees and leave all restraint behind. Jump on that burly guy’s shoulders without a care in the world!

Outfits for a Festival Shorts

Closet London Dresses

Closet London have chosen blue to style this season and their Buckets and Spaces Look Book tells a story of tropical azure florals against bright backdrops – perfect for staying cool through a day of dancing and wandering the fields of the festival ground. Moving away from the hippie looks of the early 70s, Closet London have a gorgeous collection of high-waisted skirts with enough pleats to keep you feeling cool and looking like the carefree festival queen you’ve always been.

The Summer Look Book from Closet London – Blue Florals

Outfits for a festival Dresses

We’re struggling to figure out how we’re going to pack all of these gorgeous dresses from Closet London into our festival backpack… but we’ll try.

Stay Wrapped Up – Colourful Kimonos

Over the last few years kimonos have increasingly become a style piece of choice throughout the year. Who couldn’t love a cover-up that can take you from spring, through summer and even into early autumn!?

Yet again, Anthropologie wow us with their collection of light, colourful kimonos. This year they’ve completed the look with crochet, embroidery and delicate details which 100% match our 70s festival vibe.

Anthropologie Kimonos

Festival Fun – Jumpsuits and Playsuits

There’s no denying that the easiest thing to wear when you’re adventure bound are jumpsuits and playsuits. They’re feminine, yet versatile and often with super handy pockets included (we love a useful pocket!) – there’s no holding back when you’re wearing one. Whoever invented this fashionable trouser style all-in-one has saved many women from unknowingly misplacing their modesty and has allowed us ladies to seriously dance like no one is watching.

Anthropologie Jumpsuits

Anthropologie jumpsuits

Closet London Playsuits

Closet London Playsuit

We can imagine you’ve probably made a mental shopping list of the outfits you want for your festival excursion (undoubtedly the entirety of the Anthropologie website if you’re anything like us). Why not don your dream festival outfit? Just pop over to our fashion vouchers page, where you’ll find an Anthropologie discount code or Closet London voucher to make festival fashion more affordable!

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