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Whether you’re getting back to work, starting university or sending your little ones off to school – nearly all the leaves are brown and autumn is a-brewin. What will this season bring to us? Especially in terms of fall uniform. At a time when new starts are rife with fresh projects and school terms coming into full swing, we all tend to steer towards change; more often than not- we’ll start with our wardrobe.  Not only do we need to adapt to the colder weather, showers and blustery winds of the UK, but a new routine can also be challenging at times; and whilst wanting to stay on trend with fresh looks, we also want to be practical and money savvy with our autumn outfit choices.

The word uniform can often entail negative connotations of distinctive and repetitive clothes that you are usually obliged to wear. However, when you’re rising early only to be frantically fumbling around your wardrobe in a bid to find suitable attire for your lecture, meeting or other day’s errands – sometimes a little uniformity can help. We’re talking styles that you can keep for longer, colour palettes that blend and cuts that compliment. Tesco’s F&F fashion range has nailed this season’s picks for the whole family, and we’ve distilled the autumn season’s trends to bring you some select ideas that’ll help you build your perfect fall uniform.

Ladies’ Autumn Fashion

military inspired jacket for women From the office to after work tipples and coffee dates, now you can put down the brights of summer and ease into relaxed fits and easy colour blends. Think classic shapes but with twist; a relaxed, boyfriend fit coat but with a jazzy leopard print is sure to take your style straight to off duty chic.  Long sleeves are also everywhere this season and perfect for your transition from summer to autumn.
autumn fashion ideas

Welcome the new knit, cold shoulder jumpers are more than ideal to veer you towards this catwalk trend with its demure balance of the tape knit. Wear over jeans or leggings for a more relaxed look; if there’s a chill in the air, simply sling over a snug long-sleeved top for cool layering. On your feet, think Bowie style boots with thick heels and tall ankles. This block pair is a grand choice from F&F, plus with both black and rust colours available – they will be bound to tie your outfits together seamlessly.

Men’s Fall Fashion

mens autumn clothes

The dawn of an easy iron shirt has certainly made a smart and chivalrous look more accessible. What’s more is in navy and burgundy, these shirt and tie combos will keep you looking sharp and with the times for an incredibly reasonable price. Pair with tobacco coloured chinos for casual client meetings or black jeans for a suave look at cocktail hour. This trouser addition to your wardrobe will strongly compete with your well-worn denim favourites.

If you want to swing into autumn furthermore, invest in hints of copper to set off vintage style jeans for entire week worthy cool and stylish looks. The Gibson shoes from F&F are a timeless choice that will definitely be here to stay through the cooler seasons.

Fashion Tips for University Students

It goes without saying that when you’re hopping from lecture to lecture with heavy books, and quite possibly a hangover – comfort alongside style is essential criteria for your outfits. Hoodies and bomber jackets are super cool, casual and versatile in looks.

women's floral bomber jacket

This rose embroidered and paneled bomber jacket is a beauty. The rosy florals are a key season trend, as is the satin finish to this fancy piece from F&F. Team this over denim and a simple tee for great day wear, or sling over a party dress for a jazzy evening look.

The Practical and Fashionable School Uniformsmart school wear

Oh how times have changed. Sore memories of ill-fitting trousers and shirts that would leave you in a sweat after running around the playground at lunch time are now a thing of the past. Little munchkins and teens can now play easy in school uniforms with As New technology and cool fits which will keep their clothes lasting all winter long. Find polos which are made with breathable materials like pure cotton pique; now more durable and with more choice in terms of size too – parents and kids alike will be pleased with the F&F school edit update.

Trousers are even more resistant to tough stains with a Teflon protective coating, and even grazes are kept at bay with reinforced knee patches for those rumble, tumble moments. This is smart, everyday schoolwear as we know it, that’ll stay in tip top condition for longer. With navy blues, burgundies and yellows alongside the basic black and white school colours too – kids will feel at ease all day and will be able to keep their autumn styles that little bit longer.

The Seasonal Wardrobe that Lasts

Tesco F&F Fashion

When autumn is here, we know that cooler days are to follow. With evergreen additions to your wardrobe, you can embrace fall’s warm colours and cosy connotations whilst also making your everyday outfit choices simpler and more uniform – in the most stylish of fashions, only with F&F. Watch their Autumn campaign video here and let their new season picks inspire you further.

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