7 Foods you Didn’t Know you could Freeze


Food you didn’t Know you Could Freeze

Buying in bulk is a great way to keep costs down but some weeks, you just don’t get through as much of the weekly shop as you initially thought you would. No one likes to waste good food but there are only so many meals you can hash together with leftover staples and the leftovers from the back of the fridge. But have no fear, your freezer is here! If you’ve ever wondered what food you can freeze, whether to reduce waste or just for the timelessly useful knowledge, you’ll be pleased to know there’s a surprising amount of freezable food out there – some you probably didn’t know were possible.

Did you know you can freeze eggs? Bananas? Milk? Even cheese! We’ve done some research and compiled a handy list of foods you can freeze, and probably didn’t know that you could. Plus we’ve got a few extra tips to boot. No need to thank us.

can i freeze milkCan I Freeze Milk?

Freezing milk is a great idea if you know you’re going to be away for a while (or if there’s a multi-buy offer at the supermarket); it saves you having to remember to get some on your return. If storing the whole carton or bottle of milk in your freezer it’s best to pour a little out first, allowing room for a little liquid expansion. It’s a good idea to freeze milk in smaller cartons and tubs so that you can use as much as you want, as needed. Thaw frozen milk in the fridge overnight.

Top Tip: Store for up to 3 months and shake before use to allow the milk and its fat content to mix back together.

can i freeze cheeseCan I Freeze Cheese?

Cheddar, Stilton and mozzarella are all perfect candidates for freezing. Instead of leaving a block of cheese in the fridge to go mouldy, if you know you’re not going to use it all at once you can freeze it. We don’t believe in cheese waste. No siree! Whole blocks of cheese will go crumbly after defrosting so to avoid this, slice or grate it before freezing. Frozen cheese is good for up to 6 months! The evening before you’re ready to enjoy your cheese, leave it in the fridge overnight and once thawed it’ll be as good as new.

can i freeze gingerCan I Freeze Ginger?

It seemed a good idea to make that curry from scratch, only now you’re left with a big knob of ginger going soft and green in the fridge. Not any more – freeze it for the next curry night! Peel, slice into inch cubes and wrap in plastic – perfect for dicing up and adding to recipes. Kept in a freezer bag frozen ginger chunks last for up to 3 months.

can i freeze eggsCan I Freeze Eggs?

You certainly can freeze eggs! Just DON’T freeze them in their shells. Instead, crack them into a bowl and whisk, then transfer to a plastic container and pop in the freezer. Then simply defrost in the fridge before using.

Top Tip: Add salt if you’re using your excess eggs in a savoury dish, or sugar if you’re using them in something sweet. This will stop them forming lumps (just remember to label clearly!).

can i freeze bananasCan I Freeze Bananas?

Is there any fruit that goes overripe quicker than a banana? When they start turning brown, peel, slice and put them into freezer bags or plastic containers. They can be used at a later date in smoothies, puddings or your favourite banana based bake. Everyone says overripe bananas are ideal for banana cake and the frozen variety work just as well. Some say they taste even sweeter. Store all of your chopped, frozen bananas for up to around 4 months.

can i freeze herbsCan I Freeze Herbs?

Fresh herbs don’t last too long after being picked, but that doesn’t mean they need to be left to go brown and then chucked away. A great idea is to chop them up and put the herbs into ice cube trays with a little water or olive oil for use at a later date.

Top Tip: if you use a particular selection of herbs regularly, freeze them together ready for use.

can i freeze lemonsCan I Freeze Lemons?

Citrus fruits freeze well sliced for using in drinks (alcoholic or not), or whole for grating into recipes. Slice a lemon or lime and freeze in a freezer bag and you can have ‘ice and a slice’ ready at a moment’s notice!

So there you have it, there really are lots of foods you can freeze to reduce waste, make the most of bulk buying at the supermarket and maximise that freezer space. Just be sure to label everything where possible, so you can keep track of how long they’ve been in there.

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