Brilliant and Fun Things to Print for Free

When it comes to weekends and school holidays we all know how easy it is to find ourselves vegging out in front of the TV – and our children are following suit! Whilst this is fine to do some of the time why not turn the TV off, put away the tablet, shut down the games console and get their creative juices flowing with these fantastically fun things to print – all for free! You can curb boredom and get involved – spending some quality family time together. 

There has been evidence to show that encouraging children in their early stages in life to be creative and imaginative can help them to be more resourceful and resilient in later life. So load up on your printer ink and give your printer a whirl with some of these great crafty projects to keep you – and your little ones – busy.

Free printable activities can be found across the web so here at vouchercloud, with the help of Cartridge People, we have put together the very best free printable activities below, plus make sure to keep reading as we have some great tips on how you can save money on printer ink and cartridges, so you can print to your heart’s delight.

10 Fun Things to Print for Free

Fun things to Print #1:
Rain and Rainbow Board Game

Fun Things to Print - Free Board Game to Print

Nothing beats whiling away the hours with a board game and this fun take on snakes and ladders has a great design which the kids will love and can be played by up to 4 players. You can print this game here and all you need is a dice to get going.

Fun things to Print #2:
Star Wars Gift Boxes

Fun Things to Print - Free Star Wars Printables

These incredibly cute printable gift boxes come in well known characters from the movie Star Wars- perfect for any fans of the films! Find them here.

There is a handy video tutorial which you can follow along with once you have printed them out. These can be used for housing small gifts such as treats and toys- or just for using as characters to play with.

Fun things to Print #3:
Play Fruit

Fun Things to Print - Free Fruit to Print

Learn to role play with the beautifully designed fruit that make not only great playthings but beautiful decorations! Why not set up a little green grocers in your front room?  Or maybe stock up your fruit bowl with these beautiful and bright paper fruit templates.

Find these healthy and happy printouts click here!

Fun things to Print #4:
Perfect Paper Aeroplanes 

Fun Things to Print - Airplanes to Print

Now, this may seem like a no brainer. We all know the joy of making a paper aeroplane, but what about upping your game when it comes to yours and your children’s paper aircrafts.

Take a look at these printable airplanes from a ‘Bullet’ to a ‘Stealth Wing’- why not give them all a try and see which flies best?

Fun things to Print #5:
Dance Game Dice

Fun Things to Print - Active Dice to Print

Want to keep your kids both entertained and active? This is a great little game to get everyone up and get their bodies moving. Really easy to assemble – just print off the template, cut it out and glue together!

Once put together roll two of the dice- the length of the activity and then the activity dice and away you go! Find the template here to get you going!

Fun things to Print #6:
Pretty Printable Paper Flowers

Fun Things to Print - Free Flowers to Print

Flowers are always such a lovely gift for a loved one, and why not make them last a little longer by adding in some paper blooms? Grandparents and Parents everywhere will love this little treat to keep on display. Bulk out bouquets with these pretty flowers and add one one of the lovely tags to create a truly unique gift.

These pretty flowers and tags are available to download here.

Fun things to Print #7:
 Printable Scavenger Hunt

Fun Things to Print - Scavenger Hunt to Print

If you are looking for a way to pass a few hours, and the great British weather is holding up, a Scavenger hunt is a free and easy way to get the kids outdoors and connecting with nature. Whether you are on a camping holiday, have a big enough garden or heading to a local park this is a great printout to take with you. Just remember to get a nice little prize for those that manage to scavenge up all of the things on the list!

Find this great printable here.

Fun things to Print #8:
Galaxy Game

Fun Things to Print -Galaxy Game to Print

This is a fun little game that is suitable for lots of ages. All you need to do is print out a few sheets, which include detailed instructions to get you going. With a fun design this is a brilliant game for you and the kids- make it even more interesting by guessing the planets as you go to learn our solar system!

Print out the game sheets here.

Fun things to Print #9:

Fun Things to Print - Dominoes to Print

A good old fashion game of dominoes is loads of fun, and these little animal icon dominoes are a great way to keep your little ones busy. If you are looking for something to play with your even littler ones why not cut up the dominoes to use as individual flash cards to help expand their vocabulary?

Free dominoes can be found here.

Fun things to Print #10:
Corner Bookmarks

Fun Things to Print - Minion and Fox Bookmarks to Print

This bit of crafty fun is a great way to spend a bit of time getting crafty, but also to get your child into reading – it’s a win-win! There are a selection of really fun designs that your kids will love from the ever popular Minion to a cute little penguin – try your hand at making a few!

Take a look here for a great selection of corner bookmarks to print out and make at home.

Tips on How to Save Money on Printer Ink and Cartridges

1. Print only what you need

How often do you print out emails or something from the web which has loads of unnecessary and irrelevant graphics and text? Without realising it you are wasting ink and therefore wasting money! Remember to highlight the section that you need and paste into a word or text document to print off.

2. The quick print preview option is your friend

Making use of the print preview function, which is available with most branded printers such as HP, Dell and Canon, as well as many other makes. If you are printing straight from the internet this is a really handy tool as sometimes what we see in our web browsers isn’t what ends up coming out of our printer!

3. Print using draft function

If you are printing out something that isn’t of much importance, maybe just for personal use, you can choose to print using the draft or quick print function. This means your printer won’t use as much ink as the standard or high quality setting – you can usually find this setting in the properties section when you use the print function where you will see an option to change the quality of your print.

4. Try compatible ink cartridges

Why not give a compatible ink cartridge a try? These cartridges are made to extremely high standards and are as close the manufacturers originals as possible. What’s more they are usually bigger and contain more ink which means even more savings – they last longer and print more pages on a like for like basis.

5. Use good software

Take a look online at the various ink saving software options available. These applications are a great tool that are designed to reduce your ink usage enabling you to get good quality printouts just with less ink consumption.

6. Always turn power off

If you are good you will remember to turn your computer off after every use, but what about your printer? If not shut down, your printer cartridges can dry out as they are exposed to air.

7. Be clever about usage.

If you don’t print on a regular basis make sure to run a small printing test each week to avoid the ink cartridge drying up and increase its life. Also make sure that your printer is in a room with a nice, steady temperature – apparently if there is a lot of variation in room temperature this is really bad for your ink cartridges.

8. Save money using vouchers and discounts

Be super savvy and keep your eyes peeled on our Cartridge People vouchers and discounts page where you will find the latest offers to help you make savings on your next purchase.


Hope you all enjoy making some of these fab free printouts! If you give any of the above printables a go please let us know below. Also, likewise, If you have any fun things to print for free pop them in the comments section so we try them here at vouchercloud HQ!




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