How to be your own personal style guru

Think you need a personal stylist to figure out your own personal style? Think again because those days are gone. Getting your own look down to a tee is simpler than you think.

It’s time to think less about what you wear but how you wear it and how it makes you feel. Most of us are simply used to the morning stress of picking out a work outfit whilst we’re half asleep and have no time to iron… Or perhaps you’re a culprit of weeping into a jam-packed wardrobe because you just haven’t got anything to wear?

When it comes to picking out an outfit, my panic thoughts tend to be:

Will this match? Will this fit? Is it fashionable? Is it functional? Do I actually like it?

The problem lies in the rarity of answering YES to every question before strutting out the door, beaming with confidence. In need of a style guru right?

Hiring a personal stylist may seem like a quick fix solution, but is it really worth it, and who better to figure out your own style than yourself? Thankfully we have a few tip-offs that should help ease you into finding your own personal style as well as a new confident you – completely fancy-free.

Wardrobe Renewal

Declutter your Wardrobe

I’m not going to go completely Marie Kondo on you (maybe just a little bit) but, a key part of forming your own personal style is being able to pry yourself away from items that just aren’t all that. Keep things fresh; don’t be afraid to give into your gut feeling and finally donate that summer dress you bought 5 years ago but can’t part with because it was a bargain.

If you don’t crave wearing it and almost lose sleep just thinking of when or how you could be wearing it – be gone with it. When you manage to refine your wardrobe with basic pieces then it’s far easier to insert some seasonal pickings without overcrowding your options.

Get to Know Your Body Shape

Body Shape

Shock horror, but regardless of how many times we’ve clothed ourselves or looked in the mirror -many of us may still not know our actual body shape. Forget the stigma behind sizes or what you think they represent – invest in a measuring tape and finally all those online size guides will start to make sense.

Clothes that fit can be the key to your comfort and ultimately, your confidence. From petite hourglasses to tall apples, embrace what you have and work with it. Yours have beautiful ranges to dress curves whilst you can find a cool collection at Missguided too alongside tall and petite ranges.

When it comes to underwear, having a good fitting bra and pants is just as important as the clothes your wearing. Not only will they keep you comfortable and supported, but seamless briefs or a t-shirt bra can also be your secret weapon to making the most of your outfit. Make sure you regularly check your bra size and invest in cuts that suit your shape and the clothes you enjoy wearing. Figleaves and Bravissimo are great for helping you find the perfect underwear solutions.

Back to Basic Clothing Essentials


These are some of the vital items that can help hone your wardrobe together. Wear them throughout the year, plus simple garments in neutral colours, classic cuts and quality fabrics make perfect transitional piece too.

The plain white tee should never be disregarded. This cult classic is incredibly versatile and so much more than just what you found in your partner’s wardrobe – although this is a great look in itself! Team it with nice jeans or try layering it underneath playsuits and dresses. Bonmarché are a nice choice for basic pieces.

The best jeans, that you love to wear, and if you don’t like jeans (it happens) – jeggings are your next port of call. Play about with slim, skinny or slouchy cuts to really know which pair works for you. Plus you can DIY with jeans by turning them up or ripping and fraying them to get a distressed look.

The little black dress is more than ideal for when you have a last minute date or just fancy jazzing up your daywear. Wear it how you want; make it as comfy and casual or as sassy and dressy as you like. Try it with your favourite pair of pumps or with a tie-front shirt – the possibilities are endless with your LBD. Pretty Little Thing has an amazing choice.

You may have uncovered some of these key pieces whilst decluttering your wardrobe, or you may even have a few more to add to your list. If not, it truly is worth investing in some staple items, as sometimes they’re all you need to bring an outfit together and keep you in the fail safe fashion zone. Then you can insert seasonal wear, as and when you please without bombarding your closet or breaking the bank.

Capture your Wardrobe Inspiration

fashion follower

Keep track of your own inspiration and start cutting out your favourite looks or pieces from magazines. Pinterest, Instagram and blogs are perfect to inspire your wardrobe updates – especially seasonal ones. Start following your style icons and see where it could take you.

Don’t despair if you find that everything you love in Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar is outlandishly expensive – keep images of any gems you like to hand when you’re shopping online, checking out the high-street or visiting a vintage fair. You’ll be surprised at what you’ll find and for a fraction of the cost. Plus you’ll be investing in some charisma that money just can’t buy. Ebay is a great place to find fashion bargains; yes it can be time-consuming and ever so slightly addictive but well worth it!

Create a Personal Lookbook

Fashion Log

This is about realising when you’ve nailed an outfit and when the rest of the world thinks so too. Start keeping a log and pocket those compliments.

If someone positively comments on your look, take note! Then on those days when you’re feeling lost in your wardrobe, you can flick through your own style bible, find an outfit that worked for you in the past and know that you’ll be safe from a fashion faux pas.

Lots of us Instagram our best outfits (hats off to you that do), this is a great way to remember how you put something together. If you’re camera shy or want to keep your best style tips a secret – keep a personal log on your phone or build a fashion scrap book instead.

Forget the Rules of Fashion

Fashion Rebel

Finally, be a little rebellious and don’t always play it by the book. You can’t dispute that grey will bring out green eyes or that black is slimming and can elongate your silhouette – but make fashion fun and not a chore. This is where your individuality can shine and only then will you find comfort in your outfit choices and embrace your true personal style.

You don’t have to be a slave to the runway, it takes time to understand your style and build on your own capsule wardrobe. Once you’re confident with your basic pieces and wardrobe foundation, then it’s easier to experiment with trends and seasonal styles. Flex your creative muscles then team that with a bit of organisation and you’re bound to have stress-free fashion pickings in no time.

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