How do you find the right gift?

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We’ve all been there, on birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries (if we’ve remembered the date) – gifting can be a tricky business. Finding something unique and almost perfect for the receiver is not easy, especially if you’re trying to stick to a budget. Time is also a luxury, and although many of us have good intentions of shopping around for the next best thing at a showstopping price, we often can’t give up those precious hours that we need to scour the high street. This is where sites like Very, House of Fraser and John Lewis can come into the mix; where you can explore a world of goods all in one place, from fridges and trainers to lipsticks and holidays – this is our kind of gift shop.

For all types of person and personality you will be able to find the right gift. It’s up to you to do a little investigating and find out what really makes them tick. Clues are in their hobbies and lifestyle as well as personal style, job and the list goes on. Try to establish what they would both want and also need so that you can hone into what the perfect gift for them would be. When you’ve got the full low down, you’ll be sure to be able to gauge their gift personality type and understand what kind of gift will really make their day.

The Sports Fanatic – Gifts for the Sports Fan

Would you usually find them in a pub watching the game? On the pitch themselves or running around after work to make a yoga class? For both the sports player and the spectator – there is a lot of scope with this type of gift. If they dabble in sports or never stop talking about how they want to get back into the game – now it’s your chance to push them over the start-line as it were so that they can get active.

fitness freak

New kicks and high tech running gear are often items that we don’t want to splurge on when we could just wear an old school pair of joggers and our comfy but worn out trainers. A swanky new pair of Adidas Messi football boots from Very will get anyone on the pitch, and there’s nothing to get you going (even in the cold!) like a jazzy pair of leggings like the Oil Glitch Hyperwarm Tight from Nike Pro. Because the gift of a confidence boost is priceless after all.

If they are already a pro – something to support their workout will always go down a treat. Favour accessories and sporty staples, a new yoga mat or sports bag to carry gear – the renewable items that are so easy to forget about.

Home Improvers – Gifts for a Decorator

Perhaps they are a new homeowner or simply love jazzing up their interiors with suave furnishings and quality trinkets to make their dinner parties a real delight. Gifts are better when they glisten, shiny additions like mirrors and tiered light shades can easily brighten up their surroundings. Whilst cosy additions like lavish curtains or a sweet smelling candle can bring warmth and a homey touch to every living area.

home improvement gifts

Label Lovers – Gifts for a Fashionista

Buying showstopping attire for someone who knows just how to fill their wardrobe is a strong move. But if they embrace all trends and love to feel a part of the fashion world, then something even slightly out of their comfort zone could really inspire them to start exploring more looks. Handy staples in occasion wear are a good place to start and usually the bits that we may not wear so often and consequently won’t always see the need to replace.

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A faux fur jacket for those chilly nights on the town is becoming every girls’ goto piece; as are brights in a pleated skirt – both are versatile and elegant styles that can be dressed up or down to take you from casual cool to chic soirée or work attire. Your fashionista will know just how to work these goods and who doesn’t love a challenge?

The Chic Geek – Gifts for a Gadget Lover

For the gaming fanatic and borderline gaming geek – a PS4 or Xbox one is a surefire way to win in the realm of gifting. High definition plays for the lone ranger and interactive players too, you could get involved here if you’re lucky so this is a gift to be loved by all. Great for the teenager, the boyfriend, parent and anyone who likes to take their imagination to new heights.

cool geek gifts

If you have a music lover or even music maker – a swanky pair of wireless headphones could go down a treat. Also a great option for the Fashionista personality type to wear as an accessory; or the gamer so as to mute the sound of cheers or monster grunts (game dependant).

To counteract the sedentary position that often comes with gaming, a FitBit is a great call to track fitness levels by gently reminding you to move and by measuring what you thought was unmeasurable. What can be quite the eye-opener and the motivator – because the gift of good health will always be appreciated.

Gifts for all Occasions

No matter what gift personality type your receiver may be, it’s safe to say that these are gifts which will last in not only their use but also in terms of memorability. Hopefully we have inspired you to understand more about who you’re gifting before you splash the cash on another mediocre gift card…with more inspiration than you could imagine at, now your gifts can be limitless without tipping you or your bank balance over the edge.

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