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M&S Meal Deal Duck

Good ol’ M&S. Despite it only appearing for a week at a time, the Marks and Spencer £10 meal deal is iconic. Where else could you get a high quality main, some fairly tempting sides and an often luscious dessert – along with a bottle of whatever you fancy – and dine for two for just £10?

However, we’ve noticed here at vouchercloud that it’s near impossible to discover the kind of dishes that are on the Marks and Spencers meal deal menu until it’s actually live – and then it’s only for a week at a time. So, let us guide you through some of the typical items you’re likely to discover, and share some of our personal favourites.

And boy, are there some personal favourites.

M&S Dine in Menu

You can mix and match any of the below dishes – one from each category – to create your Marks and Spencer £10 meal deal.

Note – as of 19th July 2016, wine and drinks are no longer listed on the M&S website, and vary store to store. Apologies!

MainsLast SeenWine and DrinksLast Seen
Paprika Pork Steaks11/10/16Drink Information Now Only Available In-Store19/07/16
Rotisserie Chicken11/10/16Soleado Sauvignon Blanc28/06/16
Pork Saltimbocca11/10/16Fisherman’s Catch Chenin Blanc28/06/16
Gastro Cottage Pie11/10/16Wave Break Chardonnay28/06/16
Root Vegetable Rainbow Pie (V)11/10/16Utiel Requena Sauvignon Blanc28/06/16
Hot & Spicy Chicken Tenders11/10/16Loretto Sangiovese28/06/16
Bolognese Pasta Melt11/10/16Merlot Tille Sicilian28/06/16
Pea and Mint Sea Bream11/10/16Raso de la Cruz Rosé28/06/16
Thai Green Chicken11/10/16Hungarian Rosé28/06/16
Vegetable Lasagne (V)11/10/16Pinot Grigio Rosé28/06/16
Gastro Chicken and Leek Pie11/10/16Guava and Lime Caipirinha28/06/16
Cod with Pea & Mint11/10/16Sparkling Elderflower Pressé28/06/16
Sage Crusted Pork Chops30/08/16Lime and Lemongrass Pressé28/06/16
Piri Piri Chicken30/08/16Raso De La Cruz White23/05/16
Rump Steak30/08/16Bianco Sicilia23/05/16
Sirloin Steak30/08/16Reserve De La Saurine Red23/05/16
Gastro Chicken Kiev Lattice30/08/16Raso de la Cruz Tempranillo Cabernet23/05/16
Soy & Ginger Salmon30/08/16Reserve De La Saurine White23/05/16
Seabass in a Corn Husk30/08/16Daniel’s Drift Chardonnay Chenin Blanc07/05/16
Lousiana BBQ Flatties30/08/16Frizzante Bianco07/05/16
Gastro Moussaka30/08/16Raso De La Cruz Tempranillo Cabernet07/05/16
Cheese & Leek Chicken Gratin30/08/16Rosso Di Puglia07/05/16
Vegetable Pasta Melt (V)30/08/16Montepulciano07/05/16
Gastropub Three Mushroom Tart (V)30/08/16Sangiovese Rubicone07/05/16
Pork Medallions30/08/16Reggiano Rosso07/05/16
Lasagne al Forno16/08/16Soleado Cabernet Sauvignon07/05/16
Macaroni Cheese and Leeks16/08/16Grenache Syrah Mouvedre07/05/16
Gastropub Chicken en Croute16/08/16Peach Garden Rosé07/05/16
Gastropub Steak Lasagne16/08/16Pichi Richi Chardonnay25/04/16
Whole Oakham Chicken19/07/16Raso De La Cruz Macabeo Chardonnay25/04/16
Salt-Crusted Pork Chops19/07/16Utiel Requena GSM25/04/16
Cajun Seabass19/07/16Peach Garden Merlot25/04/16
Empire Pie19/07/16
Gastro Goats Cheese Lattice19/07/16
Lamb Loin Chops19/07/16
Cajun Chicken Flatties19/07/16
Lousiana BBQ Chicken Flatties28/06/16
Smokehouse Beef Rib28/06/16
Slow Cooked Duck28/06/16
Rosemary Crusted Seabass28/06/16
Gastro Chicken Lattice28/06/16
Gastro Steak & Old Peculier Ale Pie28/06/16
Gastro Chicken and Ham Hock Crumble28/06/16
Keralan Chicken Curry23/05/16
Ready to Roast Turkey23/05/16
Hunters Chicken23/05/16
Ragin Cajun Chicken Escalopes23/05/16
Half Rack of Salmon23/05/16
Wessex Salmon07/05/16
Honey Glazed Gammon07/05/16
Gastro Chicken and Ham en Croute07/05/16
Chicken with Patatas Bravas07/05/16


SidesLast SeenDessertsLast Seen
Potato Rosti10/11/16Cheese Selection10/11/16
Rosemary Potatoes10/11/16Fruit Fiesta10/11/16
Minted New Potatoes10/11/16Profiterole Stack10/11/16
Ultimate Mash10/11/16Millionaire’s Shortbread10/11/16
Garlic Mushrooms10/11/16Crème Brulee10/11/16
Broccoli, Carrot, Courgette & Fine Beans10/11/16Strawberry Jelly Trifle10/11/16
Carrot & Swede Crush10/11/16Puff Apple Pie10/11/16
Garlic Stonebakes10/11/16Lemon Cheesecake Slices10/11/16
Santini Salad Bowl10/11/16Tarte Tatin10/11/16
Classic Layered Vegetables10/11/16Mississippi Mud Pie10/11/16
Chunky Chips30/08/16Jubilee Strawberries30/08/16
Crispy Wedges30/08/16Vanilla Cheesecake Slices30/08/16
Peas & Carrots30/08/16Chocolate Fudge Cake30/08/16
Butternut & Tenderstem Mix30/08/16Tarte au Citron30/08/16
Potato Croquettes30/08/16Banana Dulche de Leche Slice30/08/16
Mediterranean Roasting Vegetables30/08/16Vanilla Custard Cream Slices28/06/16
Vegetable Mix30/08/16Key Lime Pie28/06/16
Deli Style Coleslaw30/08/16Passionfruit Roulade28/06/16
Ultimate Garlic Baguette28/06/16Profiterole Stack28/06/16
Garlic Mushrooms28/06/16Chocolate Swiss Roll23/05/16
Mexican Bean and Lime Bowl23/05/162 Raspberry Panna Cotta07/05/16
Pantofola25/04/16Jelly Trifle07/05/16
  Key Lime Pie07/05/16
  Banoffee Dessert25/04/16
  Sticky Toffee Pudding25/04/16
  Rhubarb and Custard25/04/16

Menu is updated as of 19th May 2016. Dishes included in the Dine in for Two Deal may vary from store to store and from promotion to promotion. 

M&S Steak

M&S Sirloin and Rump Steak

Considering the ready-to-cook and straight in the oven approach to many of the dishes – not that there’s anything wrong with that – Marks and Spencer is becoming quite the expert in selling some pretty high quality steak that you can lovingly prepare at home.

The rump and sirloin steak available in the M&S two dine in for £10 deal is as good as it sounds, and is definitely a cost-effective approach to picking out the items for your meal deal. Four thick-cut sirloin and fillet steaks cost £28 and £26 respectively in the normal Marks and Spencer range, and although you may not get the same size and quality with the meal deal, you’re looking at some true quality at a pretty competitive price.

Cows from specially selected farms, reared on a grass and cereal diet, are a guarantee though. Partner these up with the crispy wedges or garlic potatoes for a classic combination, or stick with some greens for a slightly healthier contrast (until you tuck into your Millionaire’s Shortbread, that is).

The Utiel Requena GSM, one of M&S’ staple house reds, is a perfect wine to accompany.

M&S Gammon

M&S Ready to Roast Gammon

Just because it’s an oven-friendly dish, doesn’t mean you aren’t going to be eating something great. the ready to roast gammon is a Marks and Spencers staple, and comes in at a healthy £5.49 in the standard range. That’s quite the healthy profit margin you’re tucking into.

… it’s also, obviously, delicious.

Gammon and minted new potatoes are an ideal combination, while the broccoli, carrot, courgette and fine beans combo is another wonderful accompaniment.

Crisper white wines can work really well with gammon, and picking out one of the Chardonnays in the wine selection could leave you with a pretty delicious combination.

M&S Tarte au Citron

M&S Tarte au Citron

The M&S Tarte au Citron, when you buy a full cake, comes in at a healthy £10 – so take two slices out of a 12 slice tarte and you’re looking at a decent £1.66 worth. Not too bad, especially considering the mark up.

Again, it’s also a Marks and Spencer speciality, famed for thin and crispy pastry and a tart but well flavoured filling – something of a perfect palate cleanser after some of the heavier dishes available in the meal deal.

Although the strong citrus flavours are notoriously difficult to match with wine, a punchy chardonnay can do the trick fairly elegantly.

Who can argue with the best of French?

M&S Millionaire's Shortbread

M&S Millionaire’s Shortbread

See, now? NOW you’re talking.

Obviously it’s hard to go wrong with caramel, chocolate and biscuit – in fact, you’re pretty much guaranteed success feeding me any combination of three at any point.

But there’s something rather luxurious, rather iconic, and rather irrefutably irreplaceable about the Marks and Spencer Millionaire’s Shortbread.

M&S Meal Deal Dates

A quick note on the dates of Marks and Spencer 2 Dine for £10 meal deals – they are never released in advance.

However, you can check on the website for a variety of ways to be first in line when new dates are announced. Aside from checking out the in-store advertising, you can subscribe to free text alerts by texting FOOD1 to 65006 – that way, if you’re out and about when a text comes in, you can barge through other shoppers to get to M&S first, like the crazy deal-hungry foodie you are.

You can also keep an eye out on vouchercloud for any ongoing Marks and Spencer deals and offers, as we’ll keep you in the loop when there’s something worth saving your money on (and credit goes to M&S for the assortment of pictures, of course).

You can also scout through our review of the Ocado meal deal to see what else is out there – if you’re curious!

M&S Meal Deal Dishes

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