The Ultimate Men’s Gift Guide

Men are simple creatures – but sadly, that doesn’t mean that buying a gift for the man in your life is an easy task. From the fussiest of men among us to the guys who are just plain difficult to read, picking out a staple wardrobe item, a timeless gift or the latest gadget that they’ll actually -enjoy- can prove way more tricky than you’d think.

If you’re struggling to pick something out for the man in your life, then fear not – help is at hand. With vouchercloud handling the general gift-giving and Topman handling the world of fashion, we’ll guide you through some of the different types of man you might end up buying for and the gifts that’ll always bring a smile to his face.

Gifts for the Low Maintenance Guy

Sometimes you get lucky in life; sometimes, the man you’re seeking out gifts for can be as cool as a cucumber, and as chill as the day is long. However, this can be as much a blessing as a curse – how do you find the perfect gift for the low-maintenance-man who would be happy with just about anything?

Gift Ideas for the Low Maintenance Guy

The low maintenance man typically enjoys a gift that he needs but didn’t (and won’t) get around to buying himself. Even the most at-ease guy needs special occasion toiletries and aftershaves to step-up his game, essential homewares that he would never even think about buying himself, or something that counts as a ‘treat’, like high-end beers, chocolates or foods.

We aren’t saying that low maintenance guys tend to be lazy, but they certainly aren’t assertive in forking out cash for a special occasion – so get them something that makes them feel special, for once!

 Low Maintenance Fashion

Fashion for the Low Maintenance Guy

A relaxed guy suits relaxed clothing. The low maintenance guy can pull off some of the lazier looks around, which means that hoodies, stylish joggers and low-key accessories are in. Comfy but confident-looking sweaters, colour-coordinated and colour-clashing beanies and some lower-cut jeans can provide some interesting looks for the fashion-conscious, but much of anything will blend well together here.

Try out a mustard flat knit beanie combined with a blue wash oversized sweatshirt for that iconic cool and casual look, or go out-and-out warm and snuggly with this black and white fuzzy slim fit jumper – and if all else fails, feel free to dip into the full range of fashion for the true low maintenance man too.

Gifts for the Modern Gent

Nice guys don’t finish last – they simply breeze through life, being a delight to everyone, and finish with style.

The modern gent, with all his blessings and qualms, deserves something with love and thoughtfulness for the special occasions – but the meek devils can often be a little bit restrained in demanding their gifts or making their decisions.

Gift Ideas for the Modern Gent

Treat them to something that you’d typically be treated to.  If they’re the guy who loves taking you out for dinner and spoiling you rotten, then get them a table at their favourite restaurant or whip them up a special date night at home. Experience days are also a great way to give them a true special occasion feel, whilst ensuring you can do something together with the man who’s too cool and kind to normally complain about anything.

If all else fails, keep him sweet and suave with some cool accessories – the little additions like a fancy wallet or an awesome custom bottle opener can really do the trick here.


Modern Gent Fashion

Fashion for the Modern Gent

Anything that pushes towards suave and sophisticated, but nothing that’ll make the meek and mild-mannered feel out of their comfort zone. High-end style with subtle colours and quality clothing is one thing, but if it makes him look like a fish out of water then he won’t work it in style.

For a more casual look, this black checked soft cotton shirt simply oozes coolness,  but a true modern gent would rock this navy jersey skinny fit blazer in any kind of outfit, whether they’re representing with a simple t-shirt and chino look or something a little more sophisticated. Rounding off the look with the super cool accessories we discussed – something like this metal link watch – will add the finest of finishing touches.  You can have a scout of the full hand-picked range for the modern gent if you want to handpick some sophistication yourself, though.

Gifts for the Trend Hunter

There are some guys out there who are actually pretty on the ball when it comes to their style and their fashion. Whether it’s the latest seasonal trends or simply knowing what colours rock together and look fantastic in February, our trend hunter will be unashamedly hitting the shelves as often as even the most fashion-savvy ladies.

But how do you make sure you’re living up to his high standards when you’re picking up a gift?

Gift Ideas for the Trend Hunter

It’s hard to argue with more along the accessory lines here – from watches and smaller jewellery items to a beautiful manbag for the office, something that will be practical and useful but suit his style is a fantastic option as a gift.

You could, alternately, get him something that forces him to chill out and take it easy. Whether we’re talking smaller, neater novelty gifts like a cheeky mug or simply lazy fashion, like pyjamas, slippers or joggers, getting him something that isn’t actually stylish – and he might avoid buying otherwise – will be a nice treat and something he’ll actually use on the regulars.

Trendhunter Fashion

Fashion Ideas for the Trend Hunter

When someone is already bang-on the trends, sometimes you need to push the boat out to think of something new or pick off the finishing touches to round off an outfit.

This pink roll neck jumper is a bold but beautiful call, and will truly suit those who like to push the boundaries. This navy and black woven scarf is a perfect example of something that will round off many outfits, and as an aside, this premium manicure set could be the perfect finishing touch and curveball gift for the truly stylish man. Trend hunters aren’t as difficult to buy for as you’d think, after all!

Gifts for Mr Luxury

A cut above the rest is a good cut. Some guys hold themselves to a higher standard when it comes to their fashion, and like forking out a little bit more to ensure they’re shopping – and looking – the very best. However, this can pass that spend back onto you, which is tricky – how can you find a gift that’ll appease the luxury hunter, while not breaking the bank?

Gift Ideas for Mr Luxury

Something that suits that high-end lifestyle will never go amiss. A fancy tankard or wine glasses will suit the quaffer, while the smaller items of a higher standard (like socks and underwear) will make a welcome and useful addition to a wardrobe.

If all else fails, settle on some luxury toiletries or aftershaves to provide an essential and always useful gift for some special – and the special occasions.

Mr Luxury Fashion

Fashion Ideas for Mr Luxury

Luxury doesn’t always mean the truest of high-end style – staple shirts, like this beautiful navy pocket shirt, will have combine and contrast outfits with ease (smart or casual). You can also dip into the more beautiful jumpers and jackets, and this lambswool blend crew neck is the perfect example of an outfit-completing look.

Speaking of finishing off outfits, these black leather Chelsea boots are also beautiful with more or less anything, and the staple items will always be a welcome gift. Mr Luxury doesn’t always need ridiculous expenses, after all.

Gifts for The Hipster

He knows his stuff when it comes to craft beer, can often be found sipping a flat white in an artisan coffee shop and probably has a pretty sweet beard. If you know someone like this then you, my friend, are dealing with the modern day hipster. He almost certainly has a distinct look and you don’t want to miss the mark when it comes to gifting.

As one of the hippest people you know, picking something for this fella might feel like a difficult task – but have no fear!

Gift Ideas for The Hipster

Aside from filling out his stocking with artisanal drinks, such as his favourite roast and a few bottles of his favourite ale, there are some great options for gifts out there when it comes to that hipster in your life. For those rocking the beard, some luxury oil or cream will help to keep it perfectly groomed, such as the below Jonny’s Chop Shop High Grooming Creme and for those that love to ride why not pick up a utility style backpack – such as this classic Herschel number – to keep his hands free for his beloved fixie bike.


Fashion Ideas for The Hipster

Apart from the occasional check or graphic print shirt, the hipster style lends itself to a pretty neutral colour pallet. You can’t go wrong with classic utility shirt or a block colour knit which offer both practicality and style when teamed with a striped or plain tee and some staple skinny or straight leg jeans.

On the accessories front, the hipster keeps it simple. A plain coloured beanie in a neutral colour and a classic timepiece – take a look at the Timex range for perfect hipster minimalism – are the accessories of choice. For the more hipper of hipsters, however, perhaps go bold and purchase some braces for that ultimate hipster finesse. Take a look at the full Hipster fashion edit here for more ideas.

From brothers to boyfriends, hopefully, this guide will have given you some ideas as we head into the joyous Christmas season.

Topman, we salute you for helping us in these difficult gift-buying times and when Christmas day rolls around we’re sure the gents of the nation will too.

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