Mother’s Day Gift Guide – Some Unique Gifts for Mum

Ben and Mum

Every year, we get one opportunity to show the first, the only, and the most important lady in our life just how much she means to us. Mother’s Day falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent – 26th March this year – so you’d best get preparing your most heartfelt Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Here at vouchercloud, we can pick out some of the more creative and unique Mothers Day gifts because of the sheer array of brands and Mother’s Day vouchers we have on offer – and that’s why we’ve brought together some of our team to comment on what they’d pick out for mum to make things a little bit more special.

Biscuiteers Bouquet Box

The Biscuiteers ‘Bouquet’ – £39.50

Psssttt, flowers are overrated. When you can buy edible ‘flowers’ that have a longer shelf life – and the massive added bonus of being delicious and edible – why would you want something boring and pretty instead?

I love the idea of buying a Biscuiteers bouquet for my mum because she’s not fond of chocolate and is borderline allergic to any decent bath and beauty product – I know, how hard do you want to make it for a guy to buy a Mother’s Day present, jeez – so this provides a nice alternative that is pretty, thoughtful, and generally delicious.

This ‘bouquet’ specifically comes with 16 of Biscuiteers’ lovingly and intricately vanilla iced biscuits – gluten-free vanilla also available – in the shape and style of some rather lovely flowers.

The box is pretty as a picture too, and always finds its way to be useful around your kitchen for years to come – and if pretty, vaguely useful kitchen things don’t scream gift for your mum, then I don’t know what will.

Grab some Biscuiteers vouchers and indulge – ’cause if you behave, you might even get to eat a few yourself.

Love Ben and his Mam x



Joules’ French Navy Floral Phone Case – £12.95

Once, in a gift shop, I stumbled across a selection of fridge magnets—you know the ones—they say things such as “Wine is the answer, what was the question?” and “Make yourself at home, clean my kitchen”. Amongst these, I spotted one that certainly rings true, “If at first your Mum says no, ask Grandma”.

Our lovely Nans/Grans/Grandma the world over are brilliant at letting us get our own way. Making the best babysitter, my dearest Grandma was forever sneaking me treats before dinner and slipping a cheeky fiver my way.

Make sure you don’t forget your Grandma this Mother’s Day. Spending a bit of time with her over a cuppa I’m sure will be appreciated but having a little gift is a great way to say Thank You.

Browsing the Joules site, this iPhone case jumped out at me straight away. My Grandma has recently upped her nan-game by stepping into the smartphone world. At first there was a bit of confusion by the huge use of ‘LOL’, however, it turned out she was just writing lots of love. But now, she really has suddenly surprised me by becoming au fait with Emojis. This iPhone case is now in my basket (along with a Joules voucher code) as the floral design is not only super-lovely but it will help her protect her phone when she whips it out to send me her favourite face-throwing-a-kiss Emoji.

Thanks Grandma!


Treatwell Mother's Day Banner Picture

Treatwell Spa Day – prices vary

There is nothing our amazing mums deserve more than a little bit or R&R throughout the year – especially on this special day to show them how much we really care!

I know my mum works bloody hard throughout her working week as well as keeping up to date with me and my siblings (believe me we are hard work 😝). I love to call my mum on a near daily basis to see how she is and how her day has gone, and my lord every day is a busy day. I can’t think of anything better to get her than a little treat that’s a little bit luxurious.

Looking through Treatwell I am torn on whether to treat my mum to a chilled out manicure or a stress relieving massage – but a full-on relaxing spa day is the ultimate in luxury, and something she probably deserves. Either way I know the chance to relax for an hour or 5 will be just what the doctor ordered.

There are some amazing Treatwell vouchers to help you find that perfect gift, I might just get one of those mother/daughter days to spend some time with my favourite lady!

Love Sophie & her mum xoxo

Sophie and Mum - Mother's Day

Flying Flowers Mother's Day Banner

Flying Flower’s Mother’s Day Bouquets – from £18.99

Some people might say sending flowers is cliché – but let’s be honest, your mum LOVES clichés. We all know when all’s said and done the old dear is going to be happy as Larry with a pretty bouquet that she can gaze at during the advert breaks for Eastenders.

Flying Flowers have some of the prettier bunches, and they also offer free delivery so you don’t even have to leave your sofa to treat your mum. There are blooms to match every colour scheme, and some of them even come with an extra surprise like chocolates! Flowers + sweet treats = one happy mummy.

The best thing about purchasing with Flying Flowers is actually the amazing discounts you can get, and if you shop with vouchercloud you can even bag yourself a code to save a bundle! Treat your mum – and, rather sneakily, your wallet – this Mother’s Day.

Love Hayley and her mum <3

Hayley and Mum

Virgin Balloon Flights Banner

Virgin Balloon Flights – From £114

As my mother lives in France, she often gets spoilt with 2 Mother’s Days! Sending flowers, like Hayley, is my go-to for the day itself just to show that I’m thinking of her (tear to eye). But to make Mother’s Day a little more memorable, I love to steer towards an experience day of some sort.

Virgin Balloon Flights is the ultimate gift for great views (and isn’t always the most expensive with a voucher or two), a bit of adrenaline and a champagne toast of course. I thought this was a great idea as it’s something I can do with my mum when she’s next in England, and what better way to let her soak up the beautiful British countryside that she surely must be missing?

It’s an easy option as you can choose a convenient launch site and have the voucher delivered in a luxury gift wallet. Then for the day itself, you get 3-4 hours of quality time together, ( somewhere other than a coffee shop!) which I think is what Mother’s Day is all about. This will be time with mum with a difference, despite not necessarily launching into the air on Mother’s Day itself, I’m sure this will make it a day to remember.

Love Cam et sa mère x

Cam and Mum

Herbarium Banner Image

Herbarium (Amazon Books) – £13.49

If time has run away with you again, and like me, you’re always rushing at the last minute to locate a thoughtful and meaningful gift (without too much time to think) – Amazon delivery is the ultimate lifesaver.

In the modern day of gifting, books are especially charming, and an excellent reminder that you know and love that person inside out. Plus, scribble a note on the inside cover, and you’ll make her smile for years to come! My mum is something of a natural being with a good eye for design, so when I saw this beautiful Herbarium by Caz Hildebrand book, I knew I’d got lucky. Brimming with information on health properties, gardening tips and cooking suggestions, Herbarium is a contemporary coffee table book any passionate chef, gardener or herbalist will love! The best thing about it? Amazon will deliver it the next day, so you can rest easy knowing your Mum will feel appreciated this Mother’s Day.

Love Ally and mum x


Well, if this isn’t the most adorable post we’ve ever written.

If we’ve filled you with Mother’s Day joy, and you’d like to buy the loveliest ladies in your life something special to show them you care, then you can discover our best array of Mother’s Day vouchers.

Who knows, you might be able to find something that is as wonderful as she is – without also going bankrupt at the same time, because she’s so wonderful.

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