Parents’ Guide to Buying Electronic Goods

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5-Step Guide to Online Electronics Shopping for Children

When buying electronic goods for your children, it can be daunting when a salesman is throwing technical gibberish your way. Here at vouchercloud, we know a few things about buying the latest technology, and whether your kids are nagging you for the latest tablet, action camera or gaming console, we’ve got some useful tips to help you understand the minefield of today’s electronic items, while saving some cash at the same time.

Go-Pro Helmet Camera

Step 1 – Prepare

First, consult your children if they’re in their teenage years, as they might already have their heart set on exactly what they want. Then you can investigate prices online, and review their choice to
decide if it really worth the money before shopping around. If you’re shopping for electronic accessories, take the time to find out exactly what model or brand of device they already own. For example, if they want camera mounts and extras for their new action camera, you’ll have to make sure you know the difference between a GoPro, Sony and Garmin camera and shop appropriately. Likewise, there’s no point in buying a state-of-the-art speaker system with the wrong docking port for their smartphone!

If you want a deal, preparation is key. Review sites, such as which? offer extensive reports and analysis on all the latest electronic goods online. They assess tablets, laptops, digital cameras, washing machines, dishwashers and even vacuum cleaners so do your reading to save you aimlessly wandering around electronics stores.

Step 2 – Shop Around

CameraSo you’ve got a few brands in mind, it’s time to start comparing and continue your research by trawling the web for the cheapest price. Many retailers will price match an item if it is exactly the same product. Not sure where to begin? Currys and PC World are an excellent place to start, not to mention John Lewis for a wide range of electricals from a variety of popular brands. If you’ve got a specific brand in mind – why not head directly to  our Apple or Microsoft Store voucher pages to see if you can get the best deal with any current offers from vouchercloud? If you’re on the Christmas shopping mission, make sure you check out available deals on the mammoth sales weekend ‘Black Friday’ in November. The heavily discounted prices can be applied across the whole store, giving you the opportunity to snap up the best SLR camera, or a new smartwatch for up to half the price! Not a Friday to forget about in the lead up to the festive period.


Step 3 – Read the fine print

Again, this sounds obvious, but how many of you actually read the terms and conditions when you are buying anything from a website? The fine print of electronic goods shopping can be tedious and technical but it is essential to make sure you know where . It may include insurance and warranty details as well as installation procedures if you are buying a large item. There are often options for you to spend a little bit more to extend your warranty from 1 or 2 years up to 5 year’s – this could vary quite a bit between different brands and stores – so if definitely worth considering before you make the final purchase.

Step 4 – Security online for children

LaptopBuying electrical goods for your children means it’s worth considering security settings. For example if you are buying a laptop for your 10-year-old son or daughter it would be advisable to put in place security and restricted access settings. There are many online guides with useful hints to protect children from accessing inappropriate content for their age.


Step 5 – Purchase

HeadphonesWhen it comes to saving cash on electrical goods, we’ve got it covered at vouchercloud. Check out our electrical vouchers here to save cash on brands including PC World, Currys, Maplin Electronics and Tesco Direct before making your purchase. They’ll be impressed by your tech-savvy shopping, and will be chuffed to bits with their new present.


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