A Taste of Summer – The Prezzo Review

Oh to be sat in a piazza at this time of year, somewhere in Rome where the sun shining whilst you indulge in a delicious array of Mediterranean food. At Prezzo, you can turn you daydream into a reality; and even if the sun isn’t anywhere to be seen (we live in England) – their menu is still sure to whisk you away to warmer climates.

We were fortunate enough to do the Prezzo review on a bright day in Bristol, and it’s safe to say that this restaurant is a real go-to for authentic Italian flavours which marry both classic dishes and modern cuisine. This is a casual yet chic dining destination; with a friendly service and versatile menu that can cater for everyone’s tastes as well as different dietary requirements.

If you’re gluten-free, vegetarian or a vegan and the thought of going for an Italian meal that’s likely to be adorned with mozzarella, meats and baked goods quite frankly gets you into a sweat – there’s no need to worry with Prezzo. As the Italians would say ‘non preocuparti’, ie. don’t worry, as there are lots of nice options on the menu to suit all of your food specs and they are always happy to help you make the right choice. Chilled, contemporary and sophisticated, thus making Prezzo a sound choice for families, big groups of friends or just two of you.

Primi – The Prezzo Starters

The starters at Prezzo were certainly tempting; Baked Mushrooms, Calamari and Pulled Pork Pizzette (mini flatbread pizza); the start of our culinary journey began with a couple of Intros instead – as a gentle preparation for the main event.

prezzo vegetarian intros

We chose the Marinated Olives and Italian Hummus. Green Halkidiki and black Volos – it’s hard to get olives wrong with names like those, but it’s a beautiful sensation when they are so right. With subtle hints of oregano and a light bitterness – these were perfectly ripe and fresh on the palette.

Hummus, although not typically Italian, Prezzo use cannellini beans rather than the classic chickpea which makes for an even lighter take on the Greek classic. Topped with a roasted red pepper tapenade to add some warmth and zing, this is so much more than a dip and a great option for veggies. Plus you can simply omit the grilled flatbread if you can’t do gluten. The piadina like flatbread however was light and had that subtle just-baked flavour.

The Main Menu and Prezzo Specials

This is where the magic happened. Spicy calzones, fragrant tomato pastas and wild mushroom risottos – if only we had 3 stomachs, but alas just one each.

Torn between a Secondi and a Special – Ally chose the Chicken Milanese, a classic dish served with rocket salad, plump cherry tomatoes, creamy bella lodi cheese and a lemon wedge to bring it all to life. The chicken – tender, lightly breadcrumbed and topped with parmesan as below if you wish for a more nutty and earthy flavour; then choose between a side of spaghetti with classic Pomodoro or Bolognese sauce.

restaurant prezzo

As this is a surprisingly filling dish and wouldn’t typically be served with pasta, the Pomodoro spaghtetti is a good choice to keep it lighter and fresh tasting.

The Prezzo Pizza Menu

We couldn’t not sample one of the many pizzas available at Prezzo. You can choose from a classic stone baked base (also available as gluten-free), a lighter flatbread pizza served with salad, the folded calzone or their V.I.Pizza – we do love a good pun.

I chose the Grilled Artichoke and Burrata Special’s pizza on a gluten-free base and also asked for it to be vegan so tata mozzarella.  Now I hate to be a pizza snob, but having spent a year in Italy living off pizza slices and having since sampled many gluten-free pizzas around town (I love pizza) – the stakes are high.

prezzo gluten free pizza

The base was lovely and light, plus the crust wasn’t too crunchy which is often a downfall of GF bases. The toppings of grilled artichoke, sun blushed tomato, basil, lemon and rocket (which I added instead of the burrara mozzarella), were divine. There was a real balance of flavours and the artichoke was delicate but earthy enough to cut through the sweetness of the tomato. Though I didn’t get too much lemon – the peppery rocket brought it all together nicely and this summer special pizza certainly went down a treat. So much so that I took the rest to-go, just to carry on the experience.

The Proof is in the Pudding – Prezzo Gelato

Just because it would be rude to not finish off an Italian meal with coffee and ice-cream…of course you could go banoffee tiramisu – a nice take on the rich classic made with coffee soaked lady’s fingers and marscapone cheese, or a trio of panna cotta with a fruity compote. Ally chose the Affogato and I went for the recommended Blood Orange sorbet from the special’s menu.

prezzo dessert

Think of the Affogato as your ice-cream coke float for adults. You’ve got creamy, artisan vanilla ice-cream alongside a hot, strong espresso to pour over the top. Not too hot not to cold – simply delicious.

The Blood Orange sorbet, whilst being naturally dairy free was full of fresh flavour and served with a little mint for good measure. Accompanied by the espresso that I can rarely go without, it also came with a mini amaretto biscuit – what a lovely end to a lazy lunch.

prezzo vegan menu

You’ll get a flavour sensation when you dine at Prezzo, plus with a suave Italian décor and great all round service – this is the perfect way to feed your Instagram account whilst also enjoy some light summertime eats. Bravo Prezzo!

Plus, when you can enjoy a Prezzo discount code and save on your meal to boot? How could you possibly go wrong?

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