15 Minute Revolution Lunch Menu – A Review

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Inner city eating is often a rush-job – especially when it comes to lunch. Speaking on behalf of office workers everywhere, and speaking to restaurants everywhere:

We aren’t being rude. We’re genuinely in a rush. We want delicious food but we can’t hang around, dawdling over drinks orders or tapping our fingers waiting for the bill – we only have an hour. We love eating your delicious food, but we not enough to get hated on when we stroll in twenty minutes late.

That’s why we wanted to try the new Revolution menu – featuring a variety of lunch options that includes a ’15 minute promise’. Big talk from an inner-city-eatery, and something that is pretty hard to ignore. We decided to try some of the time-friendly options on offer and see if the bold promises could be kept.

Revolution Menu – The Mains

Revs Burger and Wrap

We opted for a Halloumi Wrap, a Cheeseburger (with sweet potato fries, naturally), a Lobster Ravioli and the Panang Chicken Curry – all available within the new 15 minute menu.

What surprised us was the additional appearance of an actual, factual hourglass – we were informed by our lovely waiter that, as soon as the order went through the till, he’d bring us an hourglass ready and waiting to count down the time until our meal appeared – otherwise it would be free.

Sad to say then that, before we were even close to our deadline, our food was hot and fresh in front of us – no mean feat, even in a slightly easy-going Tuesday lunchtime service.

(Also note that prices vary location to location – the prices profiled here are from the Bristol restaurant).

Halloumi Wrap – £6.50

The Halloumi wrap represents Revolution’s brave but beloved trend of adding a bit of vodka to everything. In this dish, it was the vodka salsa – which actually cut through the halloumi really well, with the houmous making for a really nice addition and the lettuce adding a much-needed crunch. The flavours actually worked really well, and the side salad was nicely dressed.

For a light lunch, this was a good amount of food – but the £1.50 addition of chips or sweet potato fries is a great option for a bigger appetite (or a sleepier working afternoon).

Cheeseburger – £8.95

You know when a burger is literally kicking it’s cheese out the side that it’s a good burger. There were no complaints to be had here, as the burger was well cooked and we (yes, we all) tucked into some pretty well prepared sweet potato fries.

It’s pretty easy for those bad-boys to be soggy, but we were lucky there!

Considering this is one of just two burgers on the new 15 minute menu, it was by no means a rush job – and is a pretty tidy lunch option if you’re feeling hungry.

Panang Chicken Curry – £9.25

Although, by origin, a Panang curry has a *ridiculous* kick to it – an uncomfortable level of heat, we’re talking fire – this was a really well balanced dish that, although carrying a hit of spice, wasn’t too much for a lunch option.

No-one wants to get back to their desk sweating, after all.

The dish was neat and nicely presented, and you were treated to a pretty healthy portion that won’t leave you feeling hungry come 3:30pm.

Lobster Ravioli – £10.50

This was the dish we were all curious about –  it may seem out of place on a Revolution lunch menu, but it was incredibly neatly presented and pretty tasty.

There was no thick and gloopy pasta in sight, and no over-the-top-tasting fillings. The ricotta, hard cheese and pesto accompanied really well and blended, rather than trying to fight their way to the front. As pleasant a surprise as you expected!

Revolution Menu – The Desserts

Vodka Revs Cheesecake and Brownie

We’re not ashamed to admit that, because the mains arrived at our table in such good time, we decided to indulge in some desserts. Spoiled for choice with the Revolution menu and, apparently, spoiled for time, we decided to dig in and share a couple of options between the four of us.

There was also no need for a timer this time round – we were happy to wait our turn given fairly full stomachs, but were not forced to wait for some tasty desserts.

… plus, we had to have a brief ‘discussion’ about what we wanted to share. There’s a *fairly* good chance we cycled through every single option before finally settling on a strong mix of some of the lighter desserts and, well, the giant ice cream sundae.

The Chocoberry Sundae – £4.95

So much good stuff. Blackberry isn’t everyone’s first choice when it comes to an ice cream sundae, but it is damn sure a good one. When you finally managed to dig your way through and get a spoonful of everything – brownie, salted caramel chocolate, vanilla ice cream, blackberry sauce, creme fraiche and fresh blackberries – you realised just how well everything worked together and simply wanted to go and grab another spoonful.

How can you argue with that?

Baked new York Cheesecake – £3.50

From some pretty sweet combinations to a slightly more restrained classic. We were readily informed that the cheesecake recipe had recently changed but was highly recommended, and with the bake we received it was a pretty bang-on comment.

The fresh strawberries and creme fraiche were a great accompaniment – ice cream would have been too sweet and, frankly, too cold next to the cheesecake – and the flavour was simple but exactly as you’d expect.

… and hope for.

Chocolate Brownie – £3.50

See, a chocolate brownie is deceptively tricky to get right. Although it seems an easy thing to make at first glance, getting that chewy inside and crispy outside is surprisingly difficult, especially when your blitzing food out of a rushed kitchen.

This was a pretty good brownie. The lightly-vanilla-podded ice cream was a simple aside, and that basic approach worked wonders.

Obviously we finished the entire thing.

Hopefully our take on the Revolution menu will help you pick out some good dishes going forward – but the 15 minute lunch options were with us well within time, and were ideal for a quick trip out of the office or a brief sit down in a busy day out in the city.

You can also make a saving on your food bill if you take a trip to Revolution Bars with Vouchercloud – with offers like 25% off your food bill appearing all the time, you could really get some good food for less!

Also note once more that prices vary location to location – the prices profiled here are from the Bristol restaurant.

Vodka Revs hourglass

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