Rituals Laughing Buddha Review

The Rituals Laughing Buddha Skincare Collection

This week my bathroom and I were lucky enough to welcome some samples of the citrus scented Laughing Buddha range from Rituals. As the name suggests, the collection provides an uplifting and exhilarating bathing experience, ranging from a rich shower oil to a beautiful body spray.

Of course, I jumped at the chance to test the products (indulge myself) for our Rituals Laughing Buddha Review. If you haven’t yet discovered Rituals products, I can thoroughly recommend them and will certainly be adding them to my birthday and Christmas wish lists – affordable luxury guaranteed in every bottle! All of their products are made from organic ingredients and inspired by nature and authentic Eastern rituals, transporting you to a luxurious spa experience in an instant…

Here are my thoughts on the Rituals Laughing Buddha Collection products I tried and the reasons they’ll be added to my shower-time favourites.

Rituals Good Luck Scrub (200g)

Rituals Laughing Buddha Good Luck Scrub

This luxury scrub is a rich combination of organic sugar and softening body oils. I’m not usually a fan of shower scrubs but this one is fabulous. The orange and cedar wood aroma makes you feel warm inside and natural sugars provide the intense work out your skin craves, leaving it feeling nourished and revitalised. I can particularly recommend this for use on arms and shoulders – my skin instantly felt soft and silky.

Simply massage onto dampened skin once or twice a week.

Rituals Happy Buddha Shower Foam (200ml)

Rituals Laughing Buddha Happy Buddha Shower Foam


Rituals foaming shower gels are unlike any other beauty product. They produce a rich, luxurious lather which cuddles you and once rinsed leaves your skin feeling totally refreshed. The scent of organic mandarin and yuzu works perfectly with this type of shower product.


Rituals Touch of Happiness Body Cream (200ml)

Rituals Laughing Buddha Touch of Happiness Body Cream


This whipped body cream contains a unique blend of powerful antioxidants, Vitamin E and strengthening ingredients which actively nourishes the skin. The scent is warm orange and cedar wood – the same as the Good Luck Scrub. The easy-to-apply, non greasy formula leaves skin feeling moisturised and silky. I find with some perfumed body creams the scent can be too intense but this one is brilliant – it has just enough fragrance for lasting freshness that I keep smelling on myself throughout the day. Bliss!



So there you have it – a Rituals Laughing Buddha review that proves you don’t have to pay for a spa day when you can have your very own Rituals day at home – every day! There is a huge range to choose from online at Rituals.com and the latest money-saving Rituals offers are all available on vouchercloud.

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