Spring Hair Tutorials (That Aren’t Just For Spring)

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Easy Spring Hair Tutorials

When it comes to styling your hair in the morning, us girls at vouchercloud HQ agree that if it takes more than 5 minutes well, it’s just not happening. Constraints of time (and effort) leave us with the two basic ‘dos; the classic hair down or equally classic pulled back into a ponytail.

Well, we’ve decided to start a morning hair revolution in the office. After discovering that there are some fantastic hair tutorials out there, that are both simple and time efficient, we’ve hunted out our favourite super easy styles that will rejuvenate all our hair routines and leave us looking a bit more fancy in the office.

Spring is a time for feeling fresh, clean and organised and what better way to kick start your year than with a mix up of your hair, just a few more minutes out of your morning routine can make you feel a bit more put together and less drastic than getting a new haircut.

If you’re up for trying something new then check out the tutorials I’ve listed below, all (reasonably) easy to achieve, and they’ll all have you looking effortlessly chic and ready for spring in no time at all.

The Messy Low Bun Tutorial

Messy Love Bun

Models at both Matthew Williamson and Bottega Veneta were seen sporting casual messy buns a lot like this one. Tousled, messy and fuss free.

Take a look at this tutorial from A Beautiful Mess, it may be a little fiddly, so if you’re finding it a little too much effort then just scrunch up your pony tail and stick a hair bobble on it. It might not have the full effect but you’re half way there!

Time: 8 mins
You Will Need: Hair brush, hairband and hair tongs.
Ease of ‘do: 3/5

Sweet Victory Rolls Tutorial

Victory Rolls

If you’re a sucker for all things vintage then this one is a must try! Spotted on lots of celebrities on awards nights, you’ll definitely turn heads with a coiffure like this. Emily from The Freckled Fox is the blog master of hairstyling tutorials and has a whole selection of vintage sweetheart hair to try.

Time: 20 mins (less if you don’t curl your hair though!)
You Will Need: Fine toothed comb, hair tongs, bobby pins, hairspray and smoothing serum
Ease of ‘do: 2/5

Braided Crown Hair Tutorial

Braided Crown

Think free spirited summers, dancing through meadows and relaxed evenings sat around a campfire. Okay so we may be a few months away from that but we can rock the hairstyle all the same.  Minimal effort and good for most hair lengths, throw a flower in there and you’re practically traveling back in time to Woodstock.

Time: Less than 5 mins
You Will Need: Bobby pins
Ease of ‘do: 5/5

Easy Side Pony Tutorial

Easy Spring Hair Side Pony

Hair Romance post great hair tutorials with very easy to follow pictures and this braided ponytail is no exception. Not just for long hair, this do is perfect for work or college and following nicely with the catwalks new trend of keeping everything at the nape of the neck. Very sexy indeed.

Time: 3 mins
You Will Need: Hair band and bobby pins.
Ease of ‘do: 4/5

If trying a new style of ponytail isn’t going to cut it for you and you’re after a more drastic change then click on the shiny springtastic hair heart below for a Pinterest board that’s bound to give you some ideas. Don’t forget about the brands that can help you save either, with Boots and Birch Box offering up some regular deals on all your favourite products.

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