Lego Snowspeeder Review – Building the Lego Star Wars Snowspeeder

Lego Snowspeeder (press)

There’s something fundamentally unique about the look on someone’s face when you tell them there’s a new Star Wars Lego set in the office.

Pretty evidently, adults and children alike are still turned into curious, enthusiastic, intrigued, engaged – and most of all, excited – individuals when Lego is put in front of them. Add some Star Wars into that mix, and it’s no surprise that everyone went bananas when our Lego Snowspeeder arrived.

When May 4th strikes, Lego often pulls out all the stops to impress Star Wars fans the world over, and 2017 is no exception – the Lego Snowspeeder set is a centrepiece, but an exclusive R2-D2 gift with orders is pretty hard to resist too.

The original Lego Snowspeeder was released in 1999, and avid Star Wars and Lego fans alike were abuzz to add to their already expansive collections. This re-release – the T-47 Snowspeeder- has been welcomed with open arms, and Lego are getting a whole heap of praise for committing themselves to recreating some of their best-loved favourites from the past (as well they should!)

Lego Star Wars Snowspeeder

This time around, the Lego Snowspeeder comes with 1703 pieces, a 14+ recommendation, and a whole heap of OH MY GOD IT’S FINALLY HERE ME FIRST NO ME.

It’s not a build for the Lego faint-of-heart, and will certainly take a healthy chunk of time – but as with every Lego set, the pieces are packaged up perfectly and the instructions are clear, concise and – as you always tend to forget – fantastically illustrated. This means you can likely bring your older children in on the build if you guide them through and make it a lovely occasion.

… that is if you aren’t already someone who’ll pretend to let your kids help, until they get in the way or do it wrong or start shooting the gun at each other or building the wrong bit too early, and then you kick them out of the garage and build it yourself.

Here’s looking at you, everyone.

UPDATE – we received our Snowspeeder kit on the 3rd May, which didn’t give us enough time to get the build ready for May 4th. We aren’t *THAT* good, jeez.

Pictures and updates will come in the next few days, particularly of the build – so if you want to see more of the kit, drop by!

There are still, of course, multiple smaller sets from the Star Wars Lego collection available – this Yoda Starfighter is a personal favourite.

Whether you’re a dedicated collector, the best parent EVER or simply an adoring Star Wars/Lego fan, some of the new kits – and in particular, our fabulous Lego Snowspeeder – will make for a very welcome addition to your home (particularly if you cut the cost with some Lego voucher codes!)

May the 4th be with you – now and always. Basically every day, if possible. Even if it’s not even May.

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