How to Stop Wasting Food – Tasty Recipes from Leftovers

Tasty Recipes from Leftovers

Ideas for Delicious Recipes from Leftovers

If you, like me, are living with the guilt of constantly finding yourself throwing bags of slightly mouldy carrots and past their best bananas into the recycling bin on a weekly basis, then you are in the right place.

I have been reading up on the leftover revolution spearheaded by none other than River Cottage’s own Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall who wants you to ‘love your leftovers’. Well Hugh, after reading through some of the delicious leftover recipes you have put out into the world, I am very much on board! From using up tasty meats from your roast to finding something to do with that random bit of cheese in the back of the fridge, I am now convinced that you really can create a delicious meal whilst saving a few pennies in the process! Win-Win!

Lovefoodhatewaste have found that the average household wastes around £40 a month which quickly adds up when you realise that that’s £470 a year. Take a look at some of the food saving tips and recipes below to kick start your own waste food revolution.

Food Waste Tips

  • Freeze food that spoils quickly such as bread and baked beans (take a look at our 7 foods you didn’t know you could freeze post for more insights into freezable foods)
  • You can also freeze foods right up until their use by date – freezing on the day you purchase is just a myth!
  • Go all ‘make do and mend’ like your grandparents did and try canning and pickling to extend the life of food. Delia Smith has a great preserves page to get you started on this.
  • Plan ahead and work out what you are eating for the next week, not only does this cut down on waste but by working out what you are buying ahead can save you quite a lot of money when you avoid the daily spend from your local convenience supermarket.
  • Try out Abel and Cole and Hello Fresh who offer fresh produce direct to your door with recipe cards – they only send the amount of food needed for their recipes so no food waste.

Recipes From Leftovers

Recipes for Leftover Vegetables

An easy way to use up leftover vegetables is to blend into soups – take a look over at our previous post on the top 5 vegetarian soups to make at home for some great ideas. If however you are after something a little more substantial check out the below recipes to use up your leftover veg – including a delicious cake!

This Leftover Vegetables Miso BakeLentil, Cabbage and Miso Bake is a great way to use up all those leftover veg from a roast or those root vegetables that are heading towards the recycling bin. Along with some lentils, any roots such as carrots, parsnips, swede, fennel etc can create a nourishing and filling meal in no time.





Leftover Vegetable Omelette

Vegetable Omelette with Pesto and Feta. This is a super simple recipe to use up your leftover veg – the pesto and feta really do make this meal something else. Not a fan of feta? why not give a sprinkling of parmesan a try?







Leftover Veg and Orange Cake

Got some leftover root veg such as butternut, pumpkin, swede carrots or maybe pumpkin?

Why not make this Leftover Veg & Orange Cake  from BBC Good Food? This cake is super moist and zings with citrus flavours!





Leftover Meat Recipes

A lot of amazing leftover meals can be made from your leftover Sunday roast meat. Buying a larger piece of meat can work out really economical per meal so next time you are having a roast leg of lamb, a roast chicken or roast beef joint bear in mind that from your leftovers you can whip up some of the below meals for a midweek leftover dinner.

Recipes with Leftover Lamb

Leftovers - Lamb and Potato Pie

Nothing is more comforting than a pie and this leftover lamb and potato pie, which has rich lamb in a gravy sauce topped off with creamy cheesy mash,  definitely doesn’t feel like leftovers! If you have any leftover greens from your roast – stirfry and add alongside. Easy peasy.








Recipes from Leftovers Lamb Salad

If you are looking for something a little lighter why not try your hand at this speedy warm lamb rice salad recipe from Tesco. Super quick with some fresh green veg to keep things light.








Leftover Recipes for Beef

Leftovers - Crispy Beef Salad

If you have some leftover beef then you have to try Hugh Fearley-Whittingstall’s Chinese-Style Spicy Crispy Beef Salad. Usually crispy beef can be quite a heavy dish but as a salad with fresh herbs and delicious spices this works so well!








Recipes from Leftovers Beef Hash Cakes

Looking to up your brunch game? These Beef Hashcakes with Chipotle Mayo will be a perfect start to the weekend. Topped off with a poached egg, you’ll be wishing you could have this every weekend!









Leftover Recipes for Chicken

Leftovers - Chicken Polpette di Pollo

This leftover chicken dish, Polpette di Pollo (Mini Chicken Meatballs), is easy to change up during the week, you can serve with Rice, pasta or even in a sandwich! 









Leftover Chicken Recipe Moroccan

Take a little pot of this Moroccan-Spiced Chicken Stew with Chickpeas into work for a lunchtime treat or savour for the evening. This stew is delicious and filling, serve with cous cous or crusty bread to dip into the sauce.








There you have it – a few recipes from leftovers to help you get creative with your waste food. 

To make sure you get the best leftovers, you have to also make sure you’re using the best ingredients. There’s no leftover meat quite like Donald Russell meat, so hooking up with them for some savings could be a nice way to go!

Do you have any leftover recipes you’d like to share with us? We’d love to hear from you!

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