The Big Benefit Make-Up Review


Benefit will never cease to be that number one cosmetics brand that is fun, innovative and always one step ahead of the beauty trends. It’s no secret that a few of us here on the Comm’s team at vouchercloud love all things makeup and skincare. One brand that we come back to time and time again is Benefit Cosmetics. Born in San Francisco 1976, they have been experts in cosmetics since the beginning. The products are playful and top of the market, made to suit everyone! The first UK concession opening was in Harrods back in 1997 where her Royal Princess Diana made an unexpected appearance. They are now owned by French multinational, luxury goods group, LVMH, whose portfolio of brands include Louis Vuitton and Moet Hennessy. From this alone, you know that Benefit produce the highest quality makeup and skincare around, all without the fancy Vitton or Moet price tag – this is affordable luxury.

With a few products we had yet to try like the renowned Benefit highlighters and their award-winning POREfessional, we were over the moon beam (get it?) to also do a Benefit mascara review plus take a look at one of the delightful makeup sets.

We thought we’d put our money where our perfectly glossed mouths are and review some of the legendary products in the big benefit makeup review.

The Great Benefit Primer Review



In the interest of fairness, it’s only right to see the blank canvas version of my face. I chose this photo in particular as it focuses on my very fine, light eyelashes and highlights the crater-like pores that riddle my skin (#harsh).

I’ve been to a variety of beauty bars in my time where the ladies on the counters have exclaimed, “My goodness! Your pores are rather large!”. Yes thanks love, I was already aware of this. In fact, most mornings my skin reminds me of the pumice stone I use in the shower to remove all the gross dead skin off my feet.


My particular annoyance with this #firstworldproblem is that any foundation I choose to apply, sticks in all the wrong places and if anything just makes my skin look worse. All that changed when I discovered the Benefit POREfessional primer which has been the no.1 selling primer in the UK for the last 3 years, rightly so.

It’s a translucent, lightweight, smooth balm which can be applied before or after makeup, depending on your skin’s needs. It instantly minimises the appearance of pores and fine lines, making your foundation application like a silky smooth dream. Seriously, it feels like velvet on my fingers! It’s an oil-free formula, and also packed with vitamin E to protect against free radicals – meaning it’s suitable for all skin types and helps make-up to stay put all day.

The Brilliant Benetint Review

Next I moved onto their highlighters. I own both the Benefit high beam highlighter and sun beam, as my skin tone changes a lot through the year, in other words, I tan like boss. The sun beam placed above my cheekbones, eyebrows, nose and cupid’s bow really give my skin a healthy glow and catches the light in all the right places.



A Benefit product I had yet to try was benetint, mainly because I cycle to work and arrive so red faced I feel like I don’t really need blusher! However, I applied a few drops to the apple of my cheeks and I’ve changed my mind. It smells of roses for a start but also gives a subtle, feminine blush look which sits great under the sun beam. I also discovered that you can apply a few drops to your lips for a dash of colour and a healthy finish to your look.

No Tricks: The They’re Real Mascara Review

Most women can agree that if they had to leave the house with only one item of make-up on, it’d be mascara. It’s an instant confidence booster that makes your eyes look wider. Proof is in the Clockwork Orange-esque photo below!

Now you see them…. Now you don’t.    


(Also, look at that blush)

When your eyelashes touch your eyebrows you know you’re on to a winner.

Benefit’s They’re Real mascara is the best I’ve ever used. It lifts, lengthens and adds volume, beautifully separating your lashes beyond belief to give you the most natural finish. When people compliment you on your eyelashes, (and they will), you can actually exclaim with joy – they’re real!

It lasts all day without smudging or flaking and even after 2 months of use, the formula doesn’t become clumpy. We love, love this mascara!

Benefit makeup

They’re Reeeeeal!

The Benefit Longwear Powder Shadow Review

Another Benefit product that I was curious to try was the powder eyeshadow in a fabulous longwearing formula. This soft and silky shadow comes in 12 wearable shades and three finishes: matte, satin and sheen. From pale shell to brilliant silver, they’ve got every potential look covered.

I had the pleasure of trying 2 gorgeous shades of brown called ‘Thanks a latte’ and ‘Kiss me I’m tipsy’. Just think someone gets paid to think of those names *sigh*. Names aside, the eyeshadow was super easy to apply. The colours blended together perfectly and created a soft glam look, suitable for day or night time wear. The real test though was how long they lasted on my usually quite oily eyelids. I was pleasantly surprised that even after a long day at work and a cycle ride home, not only was the eyeshadow still in place and holding strong, but there was no hideous crease line to be seen.

The end result:


Fancy! The Benefit Gift Sets

If you are looking for a birthday gift or perhaps a gift to self, browse for a beautiful makeup kit or gift set. They always contain the most impressive products which go together flawlessly and will turn your makeup experience into one of luxury. Benefit is ahead of the game, so the kits are constantly being updated to help you stay on trend and be the envy of others. Don’t panic if you need some makeup advice, the website is packed full of tutorials on how to apply the products and create your perfect look.

This super cute Benefit makeup set would be the perfect little treat!


You can, of course, also make a tidy saving with Benefit Cosmetics and vouchercloud – have a scout at our latest deals that can cut the cost of your next incredible beauty purchase. With tried and tested cosmetics which suit everyone including those with a hectic lifestyle, now is the time to upgrade to a Benefit make-up bag like us at vouchercloud.

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