The many faces of missguided makeup

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Fashion nailed and now onto makeup and beauty. Missguided has now launched a very cool selection of makeup kits and dreamy skincare which we at vouchercloud have well and truly swooned over. We got to try some of the best bits out (sorry!), and get a taste of the products created to keep you looking flawless and feeling badass. Perfect for looks by day and by night, here are the many faces of Missguided makeup.

The products and kits themselves are bright, shiny and reminiscent of all things futuristic and unicorn-like (naturally); with hella-witty names and easy to follow instructions where you might need them – these kits are screaming for you to get dolled up and feeling kits

The Fiercely Luminous Look

First we delved into the contour kit, as naturally, who isn’t crazy for a little contour? Having come back with great rigour since it was honed by make-up artist Kevin Aucoin in the 1990’s as a make-up must-do, contouring has come even further in the past year and we’re welcoming strobing into our lives.

Whilst your contour powder will shadow out areas of your face to bring more definition to cheekbones and brow bones etc – strobing, in theory, is your highlighter and as mentioned in the Missguided instructions, you want to sweep your powder across the high points on you face such as your brow bones, jaw line and ridge of the nose. I also enjoy putting a little in the centre of the forehead.

face contouring kit

We used the top 1, 2 and 3 shades known as lightening, hotline and ballin’ blush. Rather than going in this order however, we went contour, blush then strobe – letting you illuminate your face with the last strokes. The top line choice is good for fairer skins with pink undertones; whilst dazed, da bomb and peachy are perfect for darker skins with yellow undertones. Nevertheless, the choice is there for you to use as you wish. We would definitely consider using the peachy blush instead for example, and the dazed strobe powder could also be used as a blusher on fair skins if you want to go a little more jazzy. We got good vibes and a great pout of this look so we can confirm that this one really is a ‘too legit contour kit’.

The ‘get baked’ instant tan gives you an instant glow. It’s easy to blend in and comes off with water so mistakes aren’t an issue. If you want to deepen your skin tone so that you can use the darker colours to contour, then you could use this on your face before your foundation. Use on your body or more specifically just underneath your collarbone to help highlight this area which you can then emphasise further with a dusting of strobing powder for a very glamourous evening look.

You can use the tan on your body too, blend it just underneath your collarbone to help highlight this area which you can then emphasise further with a dusting of strobing powder for a very glamourous evening look.

The Barely there Look

We defined the face and now onto the eyes with an eyeshadow palette and falsies from the ‘get ready with me’ kit. Dubbed the ‘night out kit’ – we went against the grain and went more for a flirty day look. Using ‘tantalise’ as a base, working ‘rock on’ into the centre of the eyelid before blending it out and creating a light shadow with ‘baked earth’. The subtle shimmer in these colours means they aren’t overpowering for the day, and with the darker colours available – you can build up the colours for a more striking evening look. We used a fine nibbed brush to define the lash line with a subtle flick using ‘black heat’ before positioning the false lashes for a barely there bae finish.

eye palette

On the cheek we used the ‘strobe & glow’ stick which glides on perfectly and gives a lovely dewy finish to the cheek bone to help create that cute ‘just pinched’ cheek look. Teamed with a slick of ‘palm springs’ gloss from the ‘girl gloss’ kit – this is an easy look to wear during the day with your galpals, around the office or even on a low key evening. Win.

The Sassy Look

Contrast a natural look with a blood red nail colour and you’re having a girl boss moment. The nail polish ‘explosion’ is easy to apply, pretty quick drying and looks awesome.

girl boss

Whether you want to go sultry and defined or natural and fresh faced – with the new makeup from Missguided you can be sure to always find your look. What’s great about the colours is that they are easy to apply and buildable; when no two products can’t be used together, you’ll be able to have fun with your cosmetics and create whatever look your feeling.

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