The Top 5 Paintball FAQs

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There’s nothing quite like landing a perfect shot on your best mate from miles away, and seeing their face as they realise you’ve knocked them out of the game with sniper-esque skill.

Paintballing is a great stag-do game, perfect for team-building , or simply brilliant fun is you can get a group of friends together who are willing to get a little muddy and a little messy in the name of fun, pride, and at least a fair helping of skill.

With the help of UK Paintball, we’ve collected some of the answers to the most frequently asked paintball questions to put your mind at ease if you’re new to the game and want some hints and tips.

What Should I Wear to Paintball?

When you’re basically guaranteed, at some point, to be rolling around on the floor in the middle of a wooded area and are fairly likely to get hit by some paint, it’s a smart idea to not bring your Sunday best.

Most quality paintballing centres will provide you with goggles and/or an attached facemask and head cover, alongside a camo or combat suit. These tend to have a little bit of padding, but any extra layers underneath are useful.

This means that you should wear joggers or sweatpants – thicker means that you have a little more protection, but you should prioritise mobility and flexibility – and ideally multiple thin layers of t-shirts or sweaters on top. Multiple thin layers offers extra protection, but it’s massively dependent on weather – grab multiple layers if it’s going to be a cold one, but keep things thin but long sleeved in the summer.

For really rainy days, you can even wear waterproof clothing underneath the standard-issue overalls or combat suits to add an extra layer of protection.

Shorts and t-shirts obviously offer extra flexibility and are a little cooler, but you might end up regretting that missing layer of protection when you wear a little less to paintball.

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What Shoes Should I Wear for Paintball?

Footwear is one of the most important elements of paintballing, and the majority of paintballing centres don’t provide footwear as part of a package.

It’s recommended that you go with some fairly heavy duty boots whatever the weather – they’ll deal with rough terrain, help protect your feet from the elements and paintballs alike and ensure you aren’t slipping and sliding all over the place (whilst remaining fairly nimble on your feet).

Football or rugby boots with studs or blades are also a really good shout, as they give you a little bit of extra grip and tend to be fairly good at protecting against any rogue-flying paintballs.

Regardless, you’re going to want shoes that offer good grip and decent protection – and in the rain, you’ll be infinitely grateful if your footwear keeps your feet dry, too.

Does Paintball Hurt?

The short answer is yes, but nowhere near as much as you think. You’ll tend to feel a pretty heavy thump against whatever you’re wearing, but most shots won’t leave their mark.

The quality of the paintballs has a big say in things, as higher quality paintballs will tend to burst more efficiently and generally hurt less on impact, whereas low-quality paintballs will tend to offer up some pretty peachy bruises. Also, just like water balloons, paintballs hurt more if they don’t burst. If it bounces, it hurts.

It also depends on where a paintball hits you – your thighs, shoulders, head, neck and hands may tend to hurt a little more when you get caught, so try to protect these at all times.

Of course, any areas of your body with less protection will feel each paintball a little bit more and – god forbid – if you have any bare skin on show, you’ll probably end up regretting that decision.

To make paintballing less painful, make sure everyone is committed to the ‘surrender’ rule – so when you get shot once you’re out of the game, and can’t be targeted – and agree to avoid shooting anyone at close range. Multiple layers also help take a little heat out of each shot.

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Can You Play Paintball in the Rain?

Yes. You can play in snow, rain, wind and hail, and unless you’re dealing with some really extreme situations (thunderstorms in heavily wooded areas, for example), you’re likely to be kitting up and shipping out whatever the weather.

This makes wearing appropriate clothing and packing the right footwear all the more essential, so check the forecasts for the day ahead and come prepared (and if you’re going to be dealing with some rainy, muddy or cold weather, make sure you have something to change into and perhaps a towel and wet-wipes with you for the journey!)

How Much Does Paintball Cost?

The cost of paintballing can vary from location to location, but the majority of good quality centres around the UK will charge you roughly £10 for entry fee and equipment hire. This will typically include upwards of ten games and covers any costs of the venue and the set-up.

With many packages, these basic prices won’t include paintballs, and this can be where the costs escalate – if you’re trigger happy, you could find yourself forking out notes for enough paintballs to play the game. 100 paintballs typically cost around £8, though you can often get cheaper prices when you buy on bulk.

Your total entry prices can also end up cheaper if you book en masse for a stag do, for example, but it’s worth having a word with your local centre to try and get a unique deal if you’ve got a big group.

If you’re a serious player – or simply feel like playing with some more powerful toys – many centres will also offer smoke, paint and flash grenades for less than a fiver, alongside improved equipment like armoured gloves or M16 gun upgrades.

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