Unique Save the Dates – Ideas for DIY and Custom Save the Dates

Biscuiteers Edible Save the Date

Of course, every single step on your way towards a wedding is important – particularly when it comes to the planning. One of the first hurdles to leap elegantly over is sending out the save the dates, an increasingly important step that more and more couples are using to set the tone for their wedding.

Naturally, there’s no requirement for something this functional to also be fancy. But, then again, it is the first step towards your wedding, and typically drops in before the hustle and bustle of the rest of the planning starts to swarm all over your life.

So, if you want to try something a little bit more fancy and get creative with your save the dates, then we’ve collected some cute and quirky options from all over that could help inspire you towards something that’ll make the first step towards your wedding a memorable one – and bring a smile to the faces of all of your loved ones.

Biscuiteers Save the Date

Edible Save the Dates

What could make you even happier about receiving a save the date for the wedding of someone you love?

Being able to eat the damn thing.

Biscuiteers – what with their fancy array of fabulously tasty biscuits – offer personalised save the date biscuit cards, letting you throw the date of your big day out into the world on something delicious.

This is one for the close friends and people you love most – particularly down to the price and general level of thoughtfulness involved – but will definitely make those early stages of your wedding prep wonderfully memorable.

Each will be hand-decorated and boxed incredibly sweetly too, so the special touches are there in earnest – and if you order more than 10, you can talk to Biscuiteers about specific pricing and arrangements.

Keep things brief and delicious, and get personalised Biscuiteers Save the Dates from £10.95.

Wedding Wristbands

Festival Wristband Save the Dates

If your wedding is likely to be outdoorsy and one with nature, then giving your guests a wristband of their own suits the theme and offers up something to keep and remember the day.

Sending these out as your save the dates is a double-whammy – let your guests know when your big day is, and give them something that could prove useful, fun and unique for the wedding day itself.

…they’re also pretty damn cool, and when customised can show off the true spirit and personality of your relationship in a unique way.

Shopping on Etsy is likely the most sensible idea here – with two weeks’ notice, you can get 100 customised wristbands for around £160 (for example) – though brands like Wedfest also offer customisable options.

DIY Save the Date Paper Planes

Paper Aeroplane Save the Dates

Plain paper options don’t have to be, well, plain. There are endless things you can do with some basic design and paper/card – mini infographics, comic strips, mini maps. Personally, however, I love the idea of a save the date paper plane.

With some clever design and plain card, you can guide your guests to your wedding and how to make a paper plane.

I know for sure that I’ll pay 100% more attention to something if I can also play with it and/or throw it at people. That’s a guarantee.

This option allows you all the flexibility of a normal save the date – level of detail, budget, time, etc – but with the added bonus of it being fun and memorable.

You can even do the same with a map, too – and it works especially well if you are travelling further afield (internationally) for your wedding.

Certain sites like HipHipHooray allow you to personalise and print your own with ease, but as long as you use your logic and know your folds, you can (somewhat) easily create some yourself (or let Martha Stewart guide you through in all her fabulous glory).

Photobooth Save the Dates

Photobooth Save the Dates

Photobooths are an increasingly common option at an actual wedding reception – those photos make for a fantastic keepsake, after all – but using them to create a cute and quirky save the date is another wonderful option.

The best thing about this is you don’t actually need to use a photobooth. Any appropriate background, combined with a decent quality camera and a steady hand, can replicate the same look for less (and without the fear of having to get your timings bang-on!)

The pictures allow you to show off your personality as a couple, and the simple layout lets you keep details succinct and, most importantly, your save the dates on good old paper and card (making it easy to reproduce and post).

…that, and you can use props and pull dorky faces.

This approach also works for postcards, if you fancy pulling one giant image out of the bag instead.

Train Ticket Save the Dates

Train Ticket Save the Dates

Why not round things off with something as iconically British as it gets?

It’s nice to share something that’s instantly recognisable, but with a very special custom twist – and this fits that mould very well. Matching up the colour and fonts of our very own National Rail’s ticket style lets you begin your journey in cute and quirky style.

The format, rather coincidentally, is actually very well suited to a save the date too – very obvious and intuitive positions for dates, destinations and numbers of guests make things rather quick and easy to understand, while still leaving space for custom messages and general adorableness throughout.

As with much of our mentions, the likes of eBayEtsy and NOTHS allow you to buy fairly cheap packages – but you could easily mock-up a custom template with the trademark colours and styling if you invest the time in a little bit of fancy design.

Hopefully that helps you bring something new and unique to the table when it comes to that lovely first step towards your wedding!

You can also, of course, make a saving at every step. You can grab some vouchers for the brands we’ve mentioned, including Biscuiteers, Etsy, eBay and Not On The High Street, and cut costs however and wherever you shop.

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