John Lewis Christmas Advert
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The Battle of the Christmas Adverts

The annual release of the John Lewis Christmas advert isn’t a public holiday just yet, but it’s certainly becoming an integral part of Great British Christmas culture. The high-street retailer has stuck to their winning formula for the last seven years in a bid to win the Christmas advert arms…

how to save planet earth
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How to Save the Earth with your beauty bag

In 2013, the law which made it illegal to sell any products that were tested on animals inside and outside of Europe was finally implemented. What a triumphant and historic moment; however, with many companies and their umbrella brands continuing to sell to China where they still impose strict regulations…

contemporary wedding gifts
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What are today’s modern wedding gifts?

Tis the age-old predicament, what to buy the happy couple? Because as excited as you are about the big day, when it comes to choosing a wedding gift – stress can start to brew. When wedding season runs all year round, it’s easy to get a little stuck when it comes…

fall family outfits
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Find your fall uniform

Whether you’re getting back to work, starting university or sending your little ones off to school – nearly all the leaves are brown and autumn is a-brewin. What will this season bring to us? Especially in terms of fall uniform. At a time when new starts are rife with fresh…

children baking
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Ready, Steady… BAKE! Why you need to get baking with your children

The UK is a nation of baking lovers. Millions of us are now tuning in to watch twelve amateur bakers battle it out in a tent in the middle of the English countryside, proving that not only do we love a well-made cake, but that we can also get near…

British Currency (via Pixabay)
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Essential Online Shopping Tools

It should be no surprise that online shopping is big business. According to the most recently released ‘Statistical Bulletin’ of UK retail sales (July 2016), 14.2% of all retail spending was attributable to online shopping. With a little analysis of the figures, it’s also clear that the internet share of…

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The Best UK Fashion Events outside of London

London Fashion Week is renowned for having some of the world’s best designers, the hottest models, the best celeb spots at its FROW (plus some pretty good after parties to boot!). From McQueen to McCartney, as this bi-annual celebration of fashion hits the capital, masses of fashionistas descend from all…

coffee in bed
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5 Reasons Why you Should Make Coffee at Home

Do you remember your first cup of coffee? That magical brew that all the big kids thrived on; warm, full bodied and simply pleasant on all the senses – especially when that little hint of caffeine kicked in. The coffee addiction has certainly swirled a fair few of us, or…

Christ the Redeemer Statue (via Artyominc on Wikipedia)
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Time in Rio de Janeiro? Airbnb is a great option

I admit that I’ve been an Airbnb convert for a few years, and now routinely choose them over more conventional options. The reason for this is that the experience can often be akin to having your own holiday home. I’ve found that it offers an extra level of freedom and relaxation, plus it…

prezzo italian menu
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A Taste of Summer – The Prezzo Review

Oh to be sat in a piazza at this time of year, somewhere in Rome where the sun shining whilst you indulge in a delicious array of Mediterranean food. At Prezzo, you can turn you daydream into a reality; and even if the sun isn’t anywhere to be seen (we live…