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Finding Your Flavour – Dining in Different Takeaways

Sometimes, even the classics won’t cut it – you’ve had your classic chow mein or chicken balls one too many times, and despite how much you love that meat-lovers pizza from your local, you just don’t fancy digging into one again. It’s time to expand your horizons, my hungry friend….

Baby's First Christmas
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Baby’s First Christmas – and What Gifts to Buy!

Obviously the first thing that comes to mind when we think of Christmas is…babies? No? Ok. But just because babies don’t even know what on earth is going on, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t still bestow gifts upon the dribbly little things. After all, baby Jesus got gold, frankincense…

Biiscuiteers Gingerbread House
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The Biscuiteers Christmas Offering – Gingerbread Houses and more…

No, Christmas is not all about family, and giving, and generosity, and season’s greetings. In case you somehow forgot, it’s almost entirely about delicious food – including biscuits and gingerbread. So, with that true spirit of the Season in mind, we embraced the world of biscuits wholeheartedly; we’ve taken a…

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Review of the Best Hotel Chocolat Christmas Gifts

As the carol goes, ”tis the season to be jolly’, and, to us here at vouchercloud, jolly means watching Sherlock in our PJs whilst riding a sugar high from all the delicious chocolate that we’ve stuffed our faces with. Now we don’t know about you but we can’t imagine a…

Tech Deals Featured
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The 10 Best Tech Deals – and Where to Find Them

The newest tech-craze is always around the corner, and that means that buying up the latest and greatest products can leave a fairly healthy dent in your bank balance. But, thankfully, the world of technology is also where some of the best deals and vouchers are to be found, and…

Sound Intone I65 Headphones
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The Best Office Headphones – for all Styles and Budgets

Now I don’t know about you, but personally I’m not sure I could get through a day in the office without a trusty set of headphones.  Depending on my mood, I can spend the day soaking up podcasts or tapping my foot to Spotify playlists – but either way the…

missguided review
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The many faces of missguided makeup

Fashion nailed and now onto makeup and beauty. Missguided has now launched a very cool selection of makeup kits and dreamy skincare which we at vouchercloud have well and truly swooned over. We got to try some of the best bits out (sorry!), and get a taste of the products…

all year gift ideas
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How do you find the right gift?

We’ve all been there, on birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries (if we’ve remembered the date) – gifting can be a tricky business. Finding something unique and almost perfect for the receiver is not easy, especially if you’re trying to stick to a budget. Time is also a luxury, and although many of…

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The Ultimate Men’s Gift Guide

Men are simple creatures – but sadly, that doesn’t mean that buying a gift for the man in your life is an easy task. From the fussiest of men among us to the guys who are just plain difficult to read, picking out a staple wardrobe item, a timeless gift or…

Whittards Hot Chocolate Featured
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Whittard Hot Chocolate Review – Salted Caramel, White Chocolate…

When the weather starts to bite and the nights draw in, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of getting home and wrapping your hands around a fresh mug of hot chocolate. That smell, the warmth, and the silky chocolatey goodness is irreplaceable, and is the perfect cure for winter (or…