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As the saying goes, ‘you always want what you don’t have.’ The older we get, the more we realise how true this is.  Got poker straight hair? I bet all you long for is beautiful curly hair. And low and behold, your curly haired friend gets their hair chemically straightened. Wish you were a bit taller? You’re 6ft 3 girlfriend just wants to find clothes and shoes that fit.

Ever since I was a wee bab, I would look at my mother’s beautiful green and blue eyes and lament over the fact I’ve got my father’s dull brown colour. In my eyes (ha) brown is such a boring eye colour. So normcore it hurts.  I’ve always wanted to try colour contact lenses so when the opportunity arose to write a coloured contact lenses review, I was super stoked.

Coloured Contact Lenses – Review


Me and my boring brown eyes

I’ve tried the novelty contact lenses bought from costume shops but after reading so many horror stories about bad reactions, I was looking forward to receiving coloured contact lenses by vision direct, a reputable opticians that I knew could trust my eyesight with. I used to use sight-correcting contact lenses before I had laser eye surgery, so these coloured lenses were purely for cosmetic reasons.

I opted for green by Freshlook in their colorblends range and was not disappointed. The lenses were super soft and went in a treat. It took a couple minutes for the lenses to find the right place to sit in my eyes, but once they settled I was in love with the result.


My glorious aqua green eyes

The green went perfectly over the top of my natural brown colour. As the colour on the lenses was speckled, it created a really natural looking effect. A lot of my colleagues didn’t even notice the change in eye colour but as soon as I pointed it out, the compliments didn’t stop coming. Exotic, mesmerising and enchanting – well, now I never want to take them out!


There’s a range of colour contact lenses from Vision Direct with all sorts of colours. Plus at vouchercloud you can get an exclusive 12% off coloured contact lenses here.

Vision Direct also offered for us to trial their daily sight-corrective contact lenses but as I have perfect vision, I asked my beaut of a friend Sophie if she’d be interested.


Vision Direct Contact Lens – Review


Being an avid wearer of monthly lenses, the idea of daily contacts never really had crossed my mind before. But when the chance came along to try Vision Direct contact lenses it seemed like a great opportunity to try something new that could improve my eye health.

I have now been wearing ‘Dailies Total 1’  for a week and they really are fantastic. Not only are they incredibly soft and comfortable to wear but I don’t have to faff about with the cleaning process at the end of a long day. There is nothing worse than having to peel off your lenses and clean them after you have half fallen asleep so I just love the fact you can take them out and chuck them away!

I can definitely see the positives in wearing new lenses on a daily basis! Not only is there less chance of eye irritation but wearing them obviously dramatically reduces any chance of eye infection/reaction opportunities.

I would definitely recommend Vision Direct daily contact lenses when you come to ordering your next batch.

What I also didn’t realise was that a lot of high-street optician’s lense are often repackaged versions of well-known brands, the only thing that really changes is the box they come in. Specsavers Easyvision Umere lenses actually Clariti 1day lenses from Sauflon.  Apparently these daily lenses are great for those who often spend long hours in front of a computer screen, as their hydration technology will keep your eyes feeling fresh throughout the day. So I’m thinking I might try those for my next order to see how I get on! Especially as we have a 10% off first contact lens orders at vouchercloud – it’d be silly not to.

So if you want to save up to 45% off the cost high-street contact lenses and know that you’re getting the exact same quality and comfort, check out all our voucher codes and discounts for Vision Direct on vouchercloud.

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